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Caravan Set Up for Beginners

Caravan Set Up for Beginners

Whether you are a big traveller ready to go for the 'big lap' around Australia or are looking to make short trips from your home, travelling in a caravan is a great way to see various parts of the country. Using a caravan makes packing easier and is cost-effective. Nevertheless, the caravan will only help you if you set it up correctly. Here's how.

Park the caravan on site

As a beginner caravan user, you should first take your caravan to an official campsite. This is because official campsites have many amenities and services for campers.

It's also a good idea to arrive earlier so that you can find a spot that is near power and water connections. If the area is not flat, ensure both wheels of the axle are supported.

Level and uncouple the caravan

Once the caravan is on level ground, you need to turn off all gas appliances and the gas supply at the cylinder. You should also disconnect the 240V power lead from the caravan. Finally, ensure that the electrical lead of the caravan matches that on your tow vehicle.

Lower the corner steadies

To steady the caravan into position, you need to lower the corner steadies. Some of the steadies' brackets should be bolted to the frame, while others are designed to be welded to the chassis.

Set up and turn on your facilities

When the vehicle is steady, you need to set up your equipment and facilities. For instance, you can set up the:

RCD switch — Connect the cable to the hook-up bollard and switch on your unit's RCD.
Fridge — Connect the fridge to a 12V battery via a battery box or to a portable power station.
Freshwater connection — You can get water by using the caravan's pump to access the water stored in your freshwater tank or attaching a hose to your RV from the outside.

Get the perfect vehicle accessories for work and play

Bars N Racks is your one-stop shop for custom vehicle fit-outs for recreation and work. We can provide what you need to set up your caravan for off-road driving. Contact us for more information.

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