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5 Things On How To A Tow Caravan Safely In Australia

5 Things On How To A Tow Caravan Safely In Australia

Road trips in Australia, always an adventure whether it’s you alone, as a couple or taking the family away. Seeing the beautiful country, we live in is an adventure, lots to see and enjoy and the one thing everyone appears to have in common is that they are all making memories in their caravan.

When on your adventurous road trip, safety needs to be your number one priority regardless of how keen you are to get to the end of your trip, sit back and enjoy the views.

Bars N Racks are a caravan towing solution provider that are happy to consult with you about your needs before you embark on your trip, making sure you have the best caravan towing equipment to ensure you are safe and ready for the open roads.

Have you ever thought about what to do to prepare yourself for a caravan or towing trip?

It is really quite simple; you just need to study up on the best way to go about towing. Pack the van and car (Don’t forget the family!) add a sign on the back of the caravan with your UHF name and channel e.g., Betty & Bob UHF channel 24 and make sure you are aware of 5 simple safety towing tips when taking on your caravan with the Australian roads.

The Best towing Vehicle For Towing Caravans

What’s the best towing vehicle you may wonder?

There are many kinds of vehicles available for towing many different things. A lot of your decision needs to be regarding the weight you plan on towing and if you have the towbar to suit it also. Bars N Racks is a reputable towing solution provider in Sydney who can assist you once you have the vehicle sorted in making sure the towing equipment you have is exactly what you need when heading off on the open road.

When towing, you usually want to make sure that your vehicle:

*Has the power to tow the caravan
*Has the appropriate brakes to slow down the load safely
*Has a high rating on your suspension to make it safe to tow

Bars N Racks has team available that can check your tow vehicle to make sure it can tow your caravan and if needed make any necessary adjustments to get you out safely on the road and enjoying the caravanning life! Call them today and make a time to have a chat.

Are There Any Specific Tyres I Should Choose to Tow With A Caravan?

When it comes to towing, you will be needing a good quality all terrain tyre to ensure you have the best grip on the road. The all-terrain tyre will not go fast as high terrain tyre but it will give you a comfortable ride with your trailer both on and off-road. You need to be aware that with an all-terrain tyre on your vehicle you will not be able to go as fast as a high terrain tyre speed but it is an excellent tyre to tow with.

Before Heading Out on The Road……..

Before you head off you should make sure that the vehicle is up to towing your caravan. Our team at Bars N racks are a reliable towing solution provider in Sydney and will be more than happy to look over your vehicle and make sure it is capable of tackling the open road with your caravan. If any adjustments or equipment is needed, we will happily fit this for you.

Get Your Vehicle Serviced

Sometimes we think the Vehicle "sounds fine" but it’s better to be safe than sorry and have that vehicle roadworthy and checked for peace of mind. There would be nothing worse than breaking down in the middle of nowhere and not having a local mechanic to help you with any necessary repairs.

Make sure Your Suspension Is Checked.

Your suspension has a weight limit and over time can age with simple wear and tear. Make sure you have everything in working order before heading off and get this checked especially when you plan on towing a heavy weight behind you.

What Is Your Download Rating?

Are you aware that your download weight is the total amount of weight that your car can carry on your tow ball? You need to know this and make sure that you don’t exceed this at any time.

Check Your Tyre Pressure, Including Spare Tyres

You should do this as a common practise, but many forget to do this. Before heading off check your vehicle tyre pressure and make sure you have check the spare tyres air pressure also. Imagine having a flat on the vehicle or van and not having a spare ready to go because you forgot to check them, and they are flat!

Check All Your Lighting

This includes all your lighting, breaks, blinker indicators of the vehicle and the caravan and reverse lights. These are all essential for roadworthiness.

Remember To Check Your Wheel Bearings Are Solid

Caravans do not move like a car at all as you do not drive them every single day like you do with a car. For this reason, it is necessary to make sure you have your wheel bearings on the caravan checked at least every 12 months as there is a chance that they may seize up.

Remember To Make Sure Your Caravan and Vehicle Are Connected Before You Drive Off Every Time.

Before you head off on your trip, always double check that your caravan is connected to your car and that all plugs are correctly connected. Once you have completed this check make sure you have someone to help you check to see that all your lights are in working order.

5 Safety Tips for Towing A Caravan In Australia

The best thing to ensure your holiday it will be a fun and enjoyable one to make sure that you are doing it correctly and safely before heading off. Please see below 5 tips on what to do to make sure your caravan is safe:

*Do Not Overload Your Caravan

The heavier you have your load of your vehicle the more unstable it can become, and this means that it will take you a longer amount of time to slow the vehicle and caravan down in the event of an emergency. If you tow more than what you are legally allowed to carry, not only is it illegal but it puts the lives of you and everyone in the vehicle at risk and other road users also.

You need to remember the weight includes everything when it is all fully loaded. You need to remember the caravan is not a storage unit to squeeze everything inside it.

*Allow Other Vehicles Reasonable Space When Out On The Road

Bars N Racks is recognised as one of the best towing company in Sydney and we will tell you that when towing a caravan with the combined tow length with the car is over 7.5 metres, you need to keep at least 200 metres behind any similar long loads that may be in front of you out on the road. 

*Balancing The Load Inside Your Caravan

When you are packing the load inside the caravan for your trip it is vital that you make sure the weight is evenly spread throughout the inside. The reason for this is to assist in keeping the caravan steady when on the road being towed. Uneven caravans make the caravan unbalanced and can cause it to swerve, making it extremely dangerous to you and other road users.

Best practice is to make sure you pack all heavy items first and low to the ground, evenly on the sides. Make sure you can put what you can in the car first then move onto the caravan, ensuring all heavy items are secure otherwise they become a missile inside the caravan, and you risk having a complete mess inside when you stop and open it up.

*Drive At A Safe Speed

Be aware that you need to watch your speed when you are towing as this is extremely important to yourself and other road users. You need to always drive at a safe speed with a speed of no more than 100kmph when you are always towing and keeping the eye on conditions of the road.

If you experience a cross wind, build up of cars or it is raining or wet roads after a shower, you need to consider this as the vehicle can become more difficult to control. You may think you are driving in a straight line but in fact you may be traveling in a way that can create an emergency.

Driving even 10 km less than the recommended speed limit will also save you heaps of petrol so sit back, relax and enjoy the ride taking it slow.

*Making Turns With A Wide Berth

When you are towing you need to remember you have a longer turning circle and therefore you need to allow for the length and make wider turns when going around corners. You also need to slow down to make those turns safe.

How To Reverse A Caravan

When you are reversing a caravan, it is important to keep your angles as smooth and straight as possible. When you make sharp turns, you risk jack knifing the trailer. At the beginning you need to make sure you turn in the opposite direction to the direction of where you need the car to go as this will send the caravan in the right direction. Once you have the caravan moving in the right direction you can then slowly get the car’s angle and reverse it into position.

Just remember, if the car isn’t moving you won’t create any damage! If you need to move the caravan, slowly direct it again making moves slowly as you need to.

Think You Need Any More Accessories For Your Car or Caravan Before You Head Off On Your Trip?

When heading on a long trip you want the reassurance that you are fully prepared and safe for towing on the open road. The team at Bars N Racks have you covered with all your towing needs. Give them a call or pop in for some friendly advice on towing your caravan safely.


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