Buy a Tesla Roof Rack or Towbar. Installation available

Tesla has established itself as a market leading electric car maker which has dominated EV sales not only across the world but here in Sydney too. We have focused this article on Tesla as in 2023 they won the following awards-

1.Best EV for a road trip: Tesla Model 3 Long Range (upto 615 km range) 

2.Best EV for families: Tesla Model Y Long Range 

3.Best EV for pet owners: Tesla Model Y Rear-Wheel Drive

Bars N Racks have been in installing tow bars and roof racks for nearly 40 years and our comprehensive range extends to both Hybrid and Electric Vehicles (EV’s).

A Tesla fitted with Roof Racks and a tow bar makes your Tesla capable of taking your family or friends biking,surfing ,skiing and touring far more accessible. Also, the days of buying an EV and thinking you have to make certain sacrifices in terms of functionality are no longer the case as there is an extensive range of after market products to suit theTesla Model 3 and Model S.

Hayman Reese also make towbars (which come with a lifetime warranty) to suit the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y.

If you have a Tesla or an electric vehicle or hybrid see Bars N Racks in Brookvale for the best solution for what you need to carry.

Tesla Roof Racks.

Both Yakima and Thule make high quality roof racks for the Tesla. Yakima and Thule have a huge range of proven accessories to help you get the most out of their products.

Unfortunately, none of our suppliers have released a Telsa Model Y roof rack as yet. When one of our brands: Rhino-Rack, Rola Roof Racks, Thule,Prorack Whispbar or Yakima release one, we'll update this page.

Yakima Roof Racks for Tesla Model 3.

Yakima JetStream roof racks are sleek,incrediblystrong lightweightand quiet. The cross bars are available in either black or silver. They have a T-slot design with to make switching between accessories fast and

Yakima offers different mounts which have bars of different lengths.

Yakima JetStream Baseline FX Mount.

This gives a more stylish, streamlined look where the front bar is 127 cm wide and the rear bar is 117.5 cm wide.

Yakima JetStream Baseline Mount

This is a wider bar for more load area. Both front and rear bars are 152 cm wide.

Thule Roof Racks for Tesla Model S.

Tesla Model S is no longer available in Australia. Tesla Australia no longer supports them with a roof rack accessory making aftermarket
brands the only option.

For Model S made between 2014 and 2020 it's good to know you can get a Thule roof rack. Tesla does not recommend installing roof racks with solid colour roof models. Only glass roof models.

Thule WingBar Edge.

Available in Black or Aluminium finishes. It's a low profile, aerodynamic roof rack system that generates minimal wind noise. It complements the car's roof-line and improves fuel efficiency.

Thule WingBar Evo

Available in Black or Aluminium finishes. These are an aerodynamic roof rack with a wider bar for a larger load area.
They have a load rating up to 100 kgs. But it's best not to exceed the load limit of 75 kg stated by Tesla.
Both styles of roof racks have T-tracks for sports and cargo carriers including:
1. Thule UpRide and TopRide bike bike racks.
2. Thule hull-a-Port Aero and Thule DockGrip kayak racks.
3. Thule SnowPack M ski and snowboard rack.
4.Thule Vector M roof box in black metalic.
5.Thule WingBar Evo. Available in Black or Aluminium finishes.

Tesla Towbars.

You can use Tesla towbars for trailers or towbar bike racks.

Tesla Model Y Towbar.

Tesla offers a Tow Package for the Model Y via their service centres. An alternative is to have a quality Hayman Reese class 4 towbar fitted by Bars N Racks Brookvale, north of Sydney
The Tesla Model Y towbar load ratings are similar to those of a mid-size petrol-powered SUV. The unbraked towing capacity of 750 kg is equal to the most Australian SUVs and 4x4s.
However, the braked towing capacity jumps to 1600 kg which is handy, but not as much as most mid-size 4x4s. But it still makes the Tesla Model Y cable of towing sizable single axel trailers. This includes a double jet ski or double dirt bike trailer. It even extends to caravans and camper trailers.
It allows you to use your Tesla Model Y to hitch up a medium size box trailer. That makes it handy for moving house or doing tip runs. With a maximum ball weight of 160kg it should suit the majority of towbar bike racks and hitch bike racks. Bars N Racks can provide a comprehensive range of these from Thule or Yakima.

Tesla Model 3 Towbar.

To tow with your Model 3, choose a Hayman Reese Class 4 Towbar. They suit the Tesla Model 3 CL4 released in May 2019. The tow bar uses a 50 x 50 mm square hitch.
Here's a list of what you'll be able to tow with your Tesla Model 3: et Ski and trailer at around 600 kg.
2 Dirt Bikes on a trailer at around 400 kg. A 6 x 4 box trailer 260 kg plus whatever you want to put in it up to the unbraked total weight of 750 kg. A vertical hanging Yakima mountain bike rack is 29.5 kg with four 17 kg mountain bikes is 97.5 kgs. Just under the maximum 100 kg ball weight.