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Why Use Expert Tow Bar Services?

Why Use Expert Tow Bar Services?

The vehicle that you own is huge investment, you need to be assured it is good value for money, reliable and safe. Regardless of the age of it you need the reassurance that it is swell maintained and will run well, making it reliable for many years to come.

When looking for a towbar to add to the vehicle you can be reassured that getting one installed from Bars N Racks, you are investing in a product from an Expert Tow Bar Service provider. A tow bar is a huge financial investment and one that you want to get right when fitted the first time. By sourcing professional tow bar service experts, you have the reassurance should you require any maintenance on the towbar you can return to the outlet and they will assist you with any maintenance or add on's should you with to add things like a bike carrier.

Everyone lives in a fast paced world now a days and we need to have things that are reliable, like your vehicle. Having the convenience of a service centre that can also assist in the maintenance of towbars is essential especially if you plan on towing regularly for caravanning or boating. You want the reassurance that help is on hand of ever you need it and Bars N Racks is a long established business that provides just that. Reliable, honest, friendly service to their customers.

There's an underlying theory that many think you can install a towbar on your vehicle alone;its easy, a few drill holes and a little wiring and that's it.You can save yourself from a fortune. Well.... If this was only the case. If you have never worked on a vehicle before and you don't understand the importance of getting the correct towbar for your vehicle, it may seem like a good idea, but may end up costing you more than it would have if you got it installed by a professional in the first place.

Getting an experienced professional to install your towbar reassures you that the correct towbar for what you intend on towing and the correct size bar for needs have been discussed with yourself and the fitter making sure you needs are fully met. You can't afford to make any errors, or take any shortcuts when installing as this could end up making your towing experience very bad and leave you stranded.

A tow bar is an essential component of your vehicle as it hooks onto the tow bar hitch on the vehicle and then attaches to the front or back of your trailer. It is an important safety device on towing, being able to prevent accidents by stopping you from drifting in to another lane, or pulling out in to one whilst driving.

There Are Many Reasons Why You Should Hire A Professional Tow Bar Service

Save Money

Getting a trained and skilled professional to install your towbar will assist in you saving money from the start. The installers do this every day and have all the correct tools needed to install your towbar without the stress or worry. You can be reassured that they will ensure your parts are working in the correct way and that the vehicle remains in the same condition as it arrived in.


If you have not got the understanding or skills, then we suggest you do not take on a towbar install yourself. Tow Bar Instillation is not an easy thing when you are drilling and into your vehicle. You are better leaving this to the professionals as we will give you a 100% guarantee on our work. The mechanics have the experience and knowledge on how to work on your vehicle and install your towbar with precision and confidence.

A trained professional can detect the smallest faults and rectify them. If you install the towbar yourself and make a mistake it can result in causing damaging issues for the vehicle.

While Bars N Racks can assist if you attempt the install yourself, they can also help with suitable solutions to fix and repair any tow bar related issues you have made but this will also come at a cost. Getting it done right the first time by a qualified technician will save you time and money in the long run and you have the reassurance that the job has been corrected making the towbar safe from the start.

Do The Tow Bar Technicians Get Training?


All the towbar fitters at Bars N Racks have had compulsory training to ensure their skills remain updated with the way to install the latest towbars that exist out in the market, so when they work on any vehicle, they have the confidence and capability of safely installing the equipment to the highest possible standards.


Bars N Racks gives a full warranty on their towbar installs that someone without the licensed business behind them. All the mechanics are fully trained and experienced in installing towbars and will guarantee their work completely. If you find an issue we will repair it for you. Being a licensed service, we also have replacement parts if needed should you require anything like locks, tow ball covers etc.

Besides Ongoing Training and Experience, Bars N Racks Towbar Technicians Have Insurance & Experience.


Bars N Racks are a fully licensed tow bar service provider in Sydney we have all the necessary insurance should there ever be an issue with an install.


Besides training that is ongoing and experience, we have the guarantee that you can trust the fitter that will be working on your vehicle. You have the guarantee that our team are equipped with the correct tools and be provided with the latest training techniques to ensure your towbar fitting is of the highest standard.

Highly Trained Professionals Have Access To The Best Quality Parts For Fittings.


Bars N Racks trained fitters have access to the latest equipment needed for fitting and repairing your vehicle. Tools can be costly and not everyone can afford them, but we give our clients the reassurance that we have all the necessary equipment they need to make all fittings as easy as possible.

Top Quality Parts

Our trained team have access to getting top quality parts to fit to your vehicle. Experienced mechanics know how to install all parts and know how to also identify them over their inferior counter parts. We also know how to source the right parts at an affordable prove to pass on the savings to you as the customer.

Bars N Racks Aim To Provide You A Friendly and Convenient Service

Customer Service

Our aim is to give you a pleasant and friendly service that makes you want to recommend us to your family and friends. We aim to provide a professional service, listening to your thoughts and making suggestions on your needs based on this. We will provide you with the knowledge on how to use your towbar should you not be familiar with having one. Tips on your towbar are important as it helps you to keep your vehicle in top condition and also prevents damage when you are using it.


Bars N Racks are proud of their ability to provide a convenient and friendly service to their customers. We have a vast knowledge of different parts and accessories you may need for your towbar and access to different companies should they not have access to the equipment you need. You will not have to wait long for repairs should you need them or even scheduled maintenance as we can arrange a time to book in and have the towbar looked at.

How Do You Locate A High Quality Towbar At an Affordable Price By An Experienced Company?

The best way to ensure you have chosen an experienced and professional tow bar company to install your towbar is to look around. Check the years of experience they have and how long the company has been established. Bars N Racks have many years of experience fitting towbars and have built up a long standing relationship with many of our clients that return when we upgrade vehicles, children or other family members look for towbars and accessories.

When you are ready to make your towbar purchase or if you need any accessories come in or call us and we will be happy to assist you at Bars N Racks with all your needs.

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