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What You Need to Set Up Your 4×4

What You Need to Set Up Your 4×4

A 4×4 vehicle is ideal for off-road driving because it improves traction in dangerous driving conditions, such as rocks, ice, snow, and other scenarios. The vehicle also has added room and better overall performance. However, you must set up your 4×4 if you want it to be trail-capable.

Here is what you need to do it.


You need tires that provide exceptional traction on rock, mud, and other harsh conditions. The ideal tires should have a super-aggressive tread pattern to fling mud and sand. In addition, the tires should have reinforced sidewalls, a high rubber ratio, and deeper tread depth.

Rock sliders

A rock slider supports the vehicle from the underside, protecting things like the vehicle's lower panels and sills. Rock sliders must be made of thick materials of a satisfactory manufacturing grade, such as high-strength structural steel. It would be best to choose rock sliders with flushing holes and drainage to prevent rust and mud build-up.

Upgraded shocks

It would help if you had a stock shock to dampen the compression and rebound of your 4×4's suspension system. The off-road shock needs to handle the challenging conditions of long outback roads and arduous tracks and withstand the huge amount of generated heat.

You can choose from complete bolt-on Coilover kits to bolt-on adjustable performance shocks.

Steel Bullbars and Rear Bars

Metal bumpers absorb impact in case of minor collisions and offer the necessary clearance for big tires. Your 4×4 vehicle needs bumpers that are easy to install and super sturdy. In addition, the bumpers should have integrated steps and tow-hook locations to help in accessing the top or inside of your vehicle.

Repair essentials

Your 4×4 vehicle needs items for common repairs, such as:

Hand tool set — includes essential tools, such as utility knife, pliers, tape measure, wrenches, screwdriver and bits, and hammer
Tire repair kit — includes a lubricant, blade, pair of pliers, reamer tool, insertion needle, and pieces of repair cords
Off-road jack — must be of the right weight capacity, lift range, and size
Charger/starter — should turnover the engine without overheating it

Use your 4×4 for work and play

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