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What’s Better for Your 4X4: Bull Bars or Nudge Bars?

What’s Better for Your 4X4: Bull Bars or Nudge Bars?

Its commonly mentioned when you own a 4×4, what essential 4×4 accessories in Sydney are you planning on getting? Everyone has a different idea on what the term essential means !!! its very personal as to what you intend on accessorising your vehicle with but on that can be an interesting thing to research and make decisions. Once you have decided where the best place is to go you may ask, at Bars N Racks we have access to a complete range of accessories and our team are available to assist you in making sure your choices for into your budget.

Are you looking at accessories to make trips more comfortable for you and the family or a weekend away with the boy? We have you covered with our large range custom roof racks and 4wd bull bars. Here we discuss a few items that may be on your wish list, but we welcome you to come and have a look and make your decisions soon.

1. The Fridge

The humble 12-volt fridge is a great investment for when you have been driving all day and finish the setup, there’s nothing better than having a nice cold drink ready to enjoy. They can also carry a range of food too so you can enjoy a nice steak n the great outdoors.

2. Tyres

We are happy to discuss the options of tyres that would best suit your driving needs. It doesn’t matter if you are an experienced outdoor enthusiast or a novice camper, tyres are essential to get right when you are taking the vehicle offroad and travelling on rough surfaces. If you are planning on big days driving on uneven ground, we suggest you look at the All-Terrain tyre however if you plan on going out into the bush where maximum traction is your main aim then you will need to look at Mud Terrains or "Muddies" as the experts call them. There are other options in between and we will be happy to discuss this with you.

3. The Bull Bar

Many enthusiasts and experts say if you do not have a 4WD bull bar then your vehicle is not set up to take off road. You need to consider where you plan on taking the vehicle and what you are adding onto in regards to weight. Adding 4wd roof racks or roof rack carrying systems adds weight to the vehicle even before you add items into them. If you are close to your GVM in weight and need to keep the weight on the vehicle down then we suggest you look at getting an alloy bull bar that weighs less. However, if you want all round protection, we suggest you other 4×4 accessories we suggest steel as it is a lot sturdier and can cope with extra weight.

4. Roof Racks

If you plan on going offroad for a week or more, we get that you won’t want all your gear inside the vehicle especially if you plan on taking the family or a bunch of mates. At Bars N Racks we have a range of custom roof racks for every vehicle, we also provide roof rack installation services for customers. You can use your roof racks not just for storage, but you can also add things like awnings onto them for added shade when you are out and the sun is strong.

5. 12-volt Battery System

Many say if you are planning on taking the fridge, camping lights, air mattresses then you will need more power and a 12 volt battery system is perfect to run many accessories including mobile phones. We have a range of battery systems that will keep you powered tor all your electrical needs.

6. Traction Boards or Recovery Boards

If you plan on going 4x4ing in the wet, snow or muddy tracks then these boards will be an essential tool to help you get out of a bind if you are stuck. They can also help you get out of a tricky situation if you are stuck on a rocky track.

7. Driving Lights

When out in the depths of a property for off road tracks you will more than likely need a good set of driving lights to help see your way. Good quality driving lights allow you to see more of the area you are in and watch out for obstacles or livestock that may damage your vehicle. We have a great range of driving lights at Bars N Racks to keep you on the track and enjoy the great outdoors.

8. Suspension

Planning on tackling the tracks offroad? We will suggest you get your vehicle set up with a good suspension. There are many different kinds on the market all with pros and cons. You basically get what you pay for when it comes to this so have a chat to our reliable team and they will help you to make the best decision for a reliable suspension set up.

9. 12 Volt Winch

Whether you plan on going offroad in a group or alone, it’s for your best interest to get a good, reliable winch. At bars N Racks we have winches to suit your needs and we will make sure the one you choose will enable you to assist yourself alone should you be needing a recovery or when you are out with a group.

10. Communication Tools

Not all areas that you plan on going will have signal for your mobile phone so for this reason it is strongly recommended that you have access to a reliable UHF radio. This will help should you need assistance in a tricky situation or break down. It also allows you to warn others if you see an issue or obstacle while out on a track. It allows you to scan channels to contact fellow travellers should you require so.

As you can see, we have all your needs for every essential 4×4 accessories you may be thinking of at Bars N Racks and we look forward to assisting you in setting up your vehicle.

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