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The Truth About 3 Common Roof Rack Misconceptions

The Truth About 3 Common Roof Rack Misconceptions

When it comes to vehicle fit-outs, the information you receive should generally be pretty straightforward. However, there is an exception to this — roof racks. We've heard a number of different myths and misconceptions regarding this storage solution, and we decided it's time to put this right. Read on as we dispel three of the most common roof rack myths.

The Myth — Roof Racks Need to Be Removed on a Regular Basis

A common misconception is that roof racks need to be constantly removed and re-installed when required.

The Truth — You Can Leave a Roof Rack on Your Vehicle

In fact, there is no problem with simply leaving a roof rack on your vehicle. As long as it is a good-quality design and has been properly installed, you won't need to keep taking it off and putting it back on.

The Myth — Roof Racks Can Damage Your Vehicle

Lots of people believe roof racks cause scratches and damage to vehicles.

The Truth — a Properly Installed Roof Rack Will Not Damage Your Vehicle

Roof racks can cause scratches and other forms of damage if they are allowed to move around. This can be the case if the rack is not tightened properly. Provided the rack is installed properly and provided you do not exceed the weight limits, it will not damage your vehicle.

The Myth — Roof Racks Will Send Your Fuel Costs Sky-High

It's commonly said that roof racks make running your vehicle seriously expensive due to the poor aerodynamics.

The Truth — You Can Mitigate the Increased Costs

This one has an element of truth to it: The roof rack will increase air resistance on your vehicle and will increase fuel costs as a result. However, you can mitigate this by packing and installing the roof rack correctly and choosing a more aerodynamic rack model.

Considering a Roof Rack for Your Next Vehicle Fit-Out? Discover More

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