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The Best Storage and Fitout Ideas

The Best Storage and Fitout Ideas

There's nothing more frustrating than seeing all our screws and nails strewn amongst your tools in a bag. Have you ever spent time hunting for a measuring tool that you had for many years before replacing it, only to find it a few days later??

Most tradies have experienced this at one time, and it can cause you to be stressed first thing at the beginning of your workday when you can't locate all the items and tools you need. Take the stress out of your day by contacting Bars N Racks rather than searching for van fit outs Sydney on the web.  We have an expert team of fitting specialists who can help you organise your tools with a van fit out.

The fit out may include custom racking and shelving, or much, much more, there are plenty of solutions to base around your tradie needs depending on the industry you are in.

Below is a list of the fit out and storage ideas you can think about to create the perfect fit out for your Ute or Van.

1. Van Barriers

One of the most essential parts of a tradie fit out in the need for a barrier to provide the driver and the passengers with the highest amount of protection in the event of a collision. If looking for a Vehicle fit out service Australia, Bars N racks have access to a wide variety of vehicle protection products that can prevent damage to your tools and work materials during a collision or roll over. The main aim of the bar is to protect the interior of your Ute or Van from losing tools, parts, and equipment and causing you to incur lots of unnecessary costs.

2. Lighting

Bars N Racks wants to make sure you're as secure as possible when shopping for 4x4 fit outs in Sydney, and this includes having the best lighting set up for your vehicle to allow you to see everything you carry. Apart from the lights that come with your vehicle, you may need task lighting or lights that allow you to freely perform additional tasks. Therefore, it is important to position interior lighting with the assistance of someone that is experienced in setting up your lighting from Bars N Racks.

LED lighting inside the vehicle is an option to fit in a way that allows you to turn lights on separately as needed. Outside on the exterior of the vehicle, it is recommended that you can install Halogen Lighting to optimise light if you ever work a night.

Bars N Racks can help you save time if you're looking for 4x4 fit outs in Sydney and can even assist you with beacons, warning lights, reverse warning alarms, and additional power outlets to allow you more options as you work. Once you have discussed this with us you have the option to have it installed when the initial fit out is installed.

3. Van Racking And Racking Accessories

Bars N Racks are always available to assist tradies to keep their tools and consumables safe while on the road, offsite, and while working onsite.

Racking can be customised to fit individual vehicles. There are different types to ensure configurations are specifically what you need to make the system work best for you.

Racking comes in various kinds and we can ensure we design your fit out to best suit your needs.

Racking bays, dividers, sorting bins, shelf & drawer configurations we can keep all your bits and bods safely secured. Custom tool holders and heavy-duty removable van boxes, the range of availability is endless for storage.

Regardless of whether you are a landscaper, plasterer, builder, pet groomer, or tiler, we can kit out a van, trailer, or Ute to suit your individual needs with a racking system by van fit outs Australia. There is a guaranteed type of accessory to suit your storage problems. 

With the correct shelving units, you will have your tools organised and never lose one again. All your materials and parts can be neatly organised and stored in high-quality shelving. No more needing to search or untangle wiring, you can have an organised secure place for everything you use on a daily basis. You can even take things that extra step and install a trade specific adjustable modular storage space.

Storage drawers in work vehicles make organising your tradie bits and pieces a breeze. Bars N Racks can organise vehicle fit outs Australia and strives to ensure you designate specific drawers to different areas and allow the equipment and tools you use most of the time to be always the first accessible. If you need that extra storage space van fitouts Australia can even, go that extra step and build a false floor as extra storage space using drawers with heavy-duty runners and slam locks. In this space, you can store all your large or odd size tools or cargo in a safe and accessible area of the work vehicle.

Roof racks are an alternative way to store tools and equipment. For example, you can store high-lift jacks, light bars, and even spare tyres on the roof on roof rack by adding a platform tray to secure them down.

4. Flooring Improvements

All tradies will tell you it is vital to have a safe and durable floor in their work van. There is a range of flooring materials you can choose from such as vinal, carpet, rubber, plywood, and non-slip treads. We recommend applying a protective spray-on liner to give your floor added protection. This will assist in acting as a barrier and preventing scratches, water damage and reduce the impact of any chemical or fuel spills.

5. Ramps

Depending on what industry you work in, there may be times when you need to move cargo, equipment, or even materials up or down in your vehicle. Rolling cargo becomes easy with the correct ramp. Choosing bi-fold ramps that have the option to extend and have a non-slip surface for added safety. The bonus of using vehicle fit out service Australia ensures that you have the correct ramp based on the needs of your business.

6. Protective Coating

Tradies working in harsh Australian conditions get tough in extreme weather conditions. Seasons change throughout the year and your vehicle, as a result, takes a beating from the harsh sunlight, wild winds, and heavy rains. With the correct protective coating and even a full body coating, your vehicle will no longer be exposed the harshest weather conditions and as a result, maintain a longer lifespan with you.

7. Window Additions And Enhancements

Have you ever thought about adding an additional window system or replacing the existing one with a better more functioning system?

If you need Van fitouts in Sydney Bars N Racks has the solutions on hand to make things easier for you when you are at work. We can install new fixed or even sliding window systems, and even change any existing glass you have in your windows.

Adding or replacing existing glass can even allow you to have more natural light in the workspace and if needed they can be tinted.

Getting Your Van In Working Order

Keeping your tools and supplies safe in your vehicle will create a well organised workspace for you. You can have all the everyday tools and materials close on hand while storing less used tools further away in the vehicle. With the correct shelving, drawers, boxes, and accessories your working week will become a breeze with less frustration as you no longer have the need to troll thru the vehicle looking for things.

Contact us for the best van fit out to suit your needs, with careful planning and organising your working environment can become a pleasant place to within.

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