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The Best Journeys for You and Your Caravan This Summer

The Best Journeys for You and Your Caravan This Summer

When summer rolls around, it's time to dust off your 4WD gear, set up your tower rig, and hit the road again with your caravan. So, where are you going to go this year? Take a look at some of the following options and get inspired.

Australian Capital Territory – Canberra to Young

The ACT might not be as sprawling as some of the other states and territories on this list, but there are some great summer caravanning options. Heading from Canberra to Young between November and April takes you right through Australia's prime cherry country.

New South Wales – Grand Pacific Drive

The GPD takes in some of the most charming beach spots anywhere in Australia, never mind NSW. You can also continue on to Melbourne if you want an even longer trip.

Northern Territory – Arnhem Way

The Northern Territory is packed with excellent caravanning adventures, but the Arnhem Way between Katherine and the Gove Peninsula is among the finest.

Queensland – K'Gari

K'Gari, or Fraser Island, is a popular destination on the Queensland Coast. Reachable by ferry, the island offers camping and caravanning options for visiting explorers. Just remember to pitch up responsibly to protect the local ecosystem.

South Australia – Eyre Peninsula

Driving the Eyre Peninsula is a great way to start or finish a journey between Adelaide and Perth, but it's also worth exploring in its own right. The seafood around here is hard to beat, while thrill-seekers may enjoy cage diving with great whites at Port Lincoln.

Tasmania – Bay of Fires

There are plenty of stunning destinations for a caravan trip in Tasmania. While it's hard to pick a favourite, the remarkable coastline, beaches, aquatic activities, and seafood put the Bay of Fires well up there.

Victoria – Gippsland Lakes

The Victoria section of the Great Pacific Drive is also highly recommended. Remember to give yourself enough time to explore the beauty of the nearby Gippsland Lakes.

Western Australia – Margaret River

The Margaret River wine region is one of Australia's finest. If this sounds like your kind of trip, spend some time in Western Australia this summer and check out the unique look and personality of this sometimes overlooked part of the country.

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