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Six Reasons Why a Bullbar Is Necessary

Six Reasons Why a Bullbar Is Necessary

Bullbars are not just available to make your vehicle look amazing, there are several reasons as to why you may need a bullbar.

Animal Collisions

Ever been driving out in the country or outback and noticed how much livestock is on or near the road? If you are unfortunate enough to hit a kangaroo, emu, or even worse cattle or camel in the middle of the outback the impact can be big enough to disable your vehicle and leave it undrivable. It's a scary thought to imagine hitting something of this size in the middle of nowhere. When you are out on the road you want peace of mind that your vehicle can not take a hit.

A bullbar is designed to protect the front of the vehicle so that if you have an unfortunate collision with an animal it is designed to protect the vehicle and allow you to continue driving on. You should also consider that while they are there to protect the front of your vehicle you should also think about your travel times. Many 4WD bull bars companies in Sydney, along with Bars N Racks suggest you consider the beginning and ending your travel outside if dusk or dawn you will additionally minimalise the chances of animals coming onto the road and getting in your driving direction.

General Protection

The bars N Racks team reminds clients that the term "off road" means very rough roads. These have all kinds of hazards including rocks, gulley tree branches, and even other vehicles. All of these can do damage to the front of your vehicle or leave it undrivable. A bulbar is designed so that if any of these things connect with the bull bar the object will be pushed aside instead of connecting with your vehicle.

Driving off road is a fun past time but not without some risk involved. It's important to consider while driving off road to have some fun, at the same time you need to protect yourself, your passengers, and your vehicle from any damage. Many times, vehicles have ended up sideways or jammed in tight positions. Night time driving on these roads poses many issues and Bars N Racks recommends rather than searching for 4x4 accessories in Sydney you can contact us and we ensure you have a good set of driving lights on a budget you can afford so you can see where you are going and stay safe.

Winch Mounting Point

There are many ways to mount winches onto your vehicle and while you can do this without a bullbar we strongly recommend using the bullbar as the easiest and safest mounting point. Even if when you fit your bullbar you don't have the funds or maybe even the use of a winch by ensuring it is winch capable you have the option to add this later.

A winch capable bullbar is also better if you intend on eventually selling the vehicle. At Bars N Racks we understand your tow bar installation cost can be the main factor affecting the price of your purchase so we can quote and make sure you can afford what you plan to have fitted. A bullbar is an item which will protect the front end of your vehicle and it's important to don't compromising anything that could affect it.

Accessory Mounting Point

We recommend that if you intend on doing some outback or offroad driving you carry a sand flag. The best location to fit a sand flag is on your vehicle attached to the bullbar to ensure it is visible should you get into trouble and need help when out and about driving. Other 4wd enthusiasts will see your sand flag and know you are either stuck or if stationary need urgent assistance.

Approach Angle Improvement

When out on the beach tracks or dirt tracks it is essential you have an understanding on the angle in which you approach the hills and divots on the tracks. You can endure massive amounts of damage to the front should you nosedive in first and damage plastic guards whereas with a bullbar it takes the impact first and saves further damage to the vehicle.

Potential For Recovery Points

Rather than spending time searching 4wd bullbars in Sydney Bars N Racks stresses the days of simple chassis rails extending out at the front are long a thing of the past. Recovery loads are increasing with the number of vehicles that regularly go off road and require recovery. A Bulbar will ensure you have a good clear view of both sides of the vehicle so if an item is hanging out or a log comes down, your vehicle will be able to take advantage by moving offside to side.

This is also important if you purchase a trailer, 4WD camping accessories pose extra issues so you need to make sure there are no trees close to the front of your vehicle or any extra items like picnic tables or chairs in the way.

So ......... Which Bulbar To Choose?

Now nothing is ever perfect. When choosing your bulbar it is strongly recommended you get an expert to assist in choosing the right one for your vehicle and needs. Bars N Racks has a team fully experienced in 4WD bulbar installation in Sydney who are here to assist you in your quest for selecting the correct bulbar for your vehicle. We will cost the bar and the fitting for you so that you have a true understanding of the cost before you make time to get the bulbar fitted. Rather than researching the web for 4x4 accessories in Sydney, our team of expert advisors can assist you in finding the right product for your vehicle and ensure you receive the best outcome possible based on your needs.

The most important thing to remember when a bulbar is being fitted is that depending on the style and design of the bar that you select can add from 30-80kg of weight onto the front of your vehicle depending on the vehicle size, bar design and the nature of the vehicle's front end.

Finally, the fitter will also explain if the bulbar requires changing the suspension to suit the bar. There is never a good time if you are planning a trip with a new bulbar, but your suspension can not cope with holding it. There is a chance you may additionally need to consider upgrading this in order to have the bulbar you want.

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