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Realising the Full Potential of Your Work Vehicle with a Tradesman Fitout

Realising the Full Potential of Your Work Vehicle with a Tradesman Fitout

You and your work vehicle are already doing great things for clients and customers right across your service area. But how can this vehicle do even more, essentially working smarter not harder, and realising its full potential? This is where a tradesman fitout can really make all the difference for your business. Take a look at how you can help make your vehicle the best it can be.

Optimal Storage

You might be surprised by just how much additional storage volume you can achieve with your tradesman fitout. Even before you've added roof racks and tow bars to increase load capacity, you can make internal changes to bring out the full potential. Pane shelving provides a simple and straightforward arrangement so you can find everything you need, while Ezipak units make everything that little bit more stable and secure.

Maximised Productivity

Vehicle fitouts are not just about giving you a way to store your gear and your materials. It's also a space for you to get to work, achieving the right results for the clients you serve. A tradesman fitout is designed with this in mind, ensuring your most commonly used items are close at hand when you need them while clearing space for you to carry out the work itself. You may decide to add workbenches and other solutions – anything you need to optimise productivity as you work.

Robust Reliability, with Flexibility

The Rack a Van solution provides reliability, with expertly engineered hitches and racks that stand up to the rigours of regular use. The solution is also adjustable and flexible to meet the diverse needs of tradies and their vehicles.

Safety, Security and Peace of Mind

Your business is your livelihood, which means protecting your tools, gear and other equipment is critical. As part of your vehicle fitout, you can install gear safes that offer heavy-duty protection for your tools, as well as cargo barriers that keep driver and passenger safe.

Start Planning Your Next Tradesman Fitout

Each tradesman fitout is unique – just like your work, approach and vehicle. With this in mind, you may need a custom set of fitout services to best support your business. Browse our range and start planning your next project, or get in touch with the team to discover more.

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