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Plan a Perfect Aussie Road Trip

Plan a Perfect Aussie Road Trip

Planning your next outdoor adventure? We’re here to help you get there! Before anything else here are some tips to get you started on your adventure!


Australia is a country filled with so much beauty and adventure, and it’s easy to see why people love coming here. But if you’re planning on exploring Australia, there are a few things that will make your trip even more special–and even easier.


1. Make sure you have 4WD or SUV capabilities. If you’re going camping or caravanning, this is especially important! You’ll want to be able to drive over some rough terrain so that you can enjoy the scenery as well as explore new areas of the country.

2. Check out what roads are open during different seasons (summertime can be very busy), and plan accordingly. It’s also important to note that some roads may be closed due to weather conditions or other reasons (such as flooding).

3. Don’t forget about fuel availability when planning your route! Fuel stations tend to be rare outside major cities so make sure you have enough supplies stored away before heading out into the wild blue yonder!

4. Get your gears in check ahead of time. Make sure that your vehicle is well tuned and equipped for your road trip.

5. Plan for the unexpected! Bring along some tools and other essentials just in case something goes wrong (e.g., flat tires, dead batteries). You can also check if your vehicle has any special requirements such as oil changes every so often or regular maintenance sessions.


So, if you’re planning your trip anytime soon, it’s important to have a vehicle set-up that is ready for any situation. That’s where Bars N Racks comes in.

Bars N Racks offers a variety of outdoor gear and supplies for your vehicle. We have everything you will need for a caravan or 4WD set up!

Having everything needed for an adventure is key. Bars N Racks has everything you need to make sure that happens–and it’s all at prices that won’t break the bank either!

Give us a call or visit us at Brookvale and we’ll help you get your vehicle ready for your next adventure!


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