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Optimising Storage with a Vehicle Fitout

Optimising Storage with a Vehicle Fitout

Your vehicle fitout is all about getting the most from the van or truck, maximising its potential. So what does this mean when it comes to storage? Let's take a look at a few ways a vehicle fitout can elevate your storage to the next level.

Adding Your Storage Deck

Why do you need a deck when you already have a floor? Well, you can raise your decking, providing a platform that makes carrying out maintenance and other tasks easier, and you can give yourself even more storage space. Adding twin draws beneath the deck, for example, is a smart and convenient solution to find more storage space.

Roof Racks and Towbars

Don't forget about the outside of your vehicle when it comes to a fitout. With 4wd gear and other heavy-duty solutions, you can achieve the additional storage space you need without compromising too much on the performance of your vehicle. For example, you'll be able to carry items on the roof with a handy roof rack and support a trailer or even a caravan behind with a towing solution. While these may not be permanent storage solutions within your vehicle, they still provide additional flexibility and capability while you store and transport items.

Additional Storage Beneath the Roof

While roof racks take care of storage above the roof, what about below the ceiling? Installing draws, cupboards, racks and other storage solutions gives you ample space to store whatever you need. Now you are beginning to see how a vehicle fitout can optimise every inch of your storage capacity.

Customised Tradie Fitouts

Tradies generally need something a little more customised – something that has been designed for their specific needs. This is because of organisation and efficiency. In order to carry out professional tasks on the road, you need to have everything exactly where it should be and within reach. This is why tradie vehicle fitouts often include storage planning as part of the design process, ensuring that the results match specific needs perfectly.

Find the Storage Solutions You Need for Your Next Vehicle Fitout

Browse the Bars N Racks range and find the perfect storage solutions for your next vehicle fitout.

Look out for our October issue where we show you the potential of optimizing your work vehicle with tradesman fitout!

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