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How To Select the Right Bull Bar

How To Select the Right Bull Bar

How do you know which bull bar is the right one for your vehicle?

When you are choosing your bull bar it’s very tempting to go for the one that looks beefy and appeals to making your vehicle look that extra bit "mean" and makes you look amazing too! But it’s more important to make sure you have a bar that's the right one for the way you intend on using it on the vehicle.

Bull Bars have several functions and first and foremost it is essential it can protect the vehicle in the event of a hit with an animal while on the road. You also need to consider what you are adding to it as a mounting platform such as driving lights, light bars, antennas and a winch. Looking for 4wd bull bars in Sydney, Bars N Racks can assist you in organising your set up on the vehicle and add some additional 4wd camping accessories that are also available in store.

If you are searching for some 4x4 accessories in Sydney to fit your vehicle and additionally make them all fit on the roof of your vehicle, Bars N Racks can assist you in choosing the right bull bar for you based on your vehicle and the items you intend on selecting. Things like where you are intending on driving to and how much gear you will carry and what you are thinking of accessorising it with all add to the effect of the way the bull bar will function on your vehicle regarding weight. Bars N Racks will assess your tow bar installation Sydney cost and will help you with the final cost of what you would like. They can also offer suggestions whether you need other options to fit into your budget, when purchasing 4wd camping accessories like a light bar, spotlights or antennas, you will have peace of mind in knowing your bull bar will be the correct one you need to carry these extras. You also need to make sure that the bull bar is compatible with all your vehicle's safety systems such as parking sensors, lane departure warning systems, SRS Airbags and active cruise control systems otherwise the consequences can me massive for the safety of those in the vehicle and around you.

The correct metal

Steel, Alloy, or Chrome Bull bars are the most common ones on the market, but you should always make sure you purchase from a dealer. Alloy & Chrome are designed to offer the best protection without the weight and bulk of a full steel bull bar. The chrome is also designed to add a high shine effect that will make you stand out on the road so you can be seen when vehicles pass by.

Bars N Racks will discuss all the necessary options and suggest what kind is the best option for you, and factor in the list of items you are attaching to it, and factor in the weight you are adding to the bull bar.


The first thing to consider about your bull bar is what are you using it for? If you are intending on using it for country or outback driving when you will need as much protection as possible. This includes the cooling system, the bonnet, under vehicle components, and the headlights on your vehicle.

If you are going to be driving around town then you are more likely to have less damage in an accident. In this situation, the bull bar can help by creating a space between your vehicle and others to prevent impacts. If you are using your vehicle to tow, then additional lighting is vital and bull bars can take this into consideration and make sure it is as effective as possible without costing a fortune.

If you intend on doing a lot of off-road driving through scrub and in rocky terrain, you do not need to search 4wd bull bars in Sydney as Bars N Racks experienced team will help look for a bar with outer tubes that are compatible with side rails and steps, this offers added protection down the sides of the vehicle.

Rock crawlers offer a different type of bar altogether; one that can accommodate a winch and provide extreme approach angles and recovery point options.

Regardless of the bull bar design, you choose you need to make sure it doesn’t have a negative impact on your vehicle’s approach angles and ground clearance; the bar should have an upswept outer wing.


Does your vehicle have airbags? You need to be certain that the bull bar you buy has an airbag compatible mounting system. Bars N Racks will cost what you will be up for when ensuring the bull bar will be compatible with your airbag system.

Many new vehicles today are equipped with additional safety features such as parking sensors, cruise control, EBS (emergency braking systems), and lane departure warnings. These systems work on sensors and cameras. If your vehicle is equipped with this, you must make sure the bull bar you buy is compatible with them. Fitting experts will be able to factor all this in when you discuss the kind of bull bar you need to fit into your vehicle.


Here is where the fun begins, and the cost adds up!!!!!!

Needing a winch? You need to make sure the bull bar is winch compatible. Some models can be fitted down the track after the bull bar has been fitted. This is helpful if you are on a budget but intend on getting this later. No need to search 4wd bull bars Sydney as the Bars N Racks team will help you plan all this and advise what can be added now and what you can leave for a later date depending on where you are intending to go on a trip to.

Driving lights, light bars and antennas, need room and you will need to make sure there is sufficient room for fitting these items. Most bull bars will have holes for mounting driving lights and tabs for antennas already before the bull bar is even fitted.

Are you thinking of side rails and steps, Bars N Racks will make sure the bull bar has compatible outer tubes. If you are thinking of fitting additional under vehicle protection such as a skid plate, bash plate, or steering guard, make sure it is compatible with the bar you choose.

Other features to look for in a bull bar include high-lift jack points, fog lights, and daytime running lights, as well as aesthetic components such as buffers and cover plates for when no winch is fitted. Bull bars weight more than bumper bars and depending on the weight you may be required to upgrade your suspension with the added weight of the bull bar and accessories. Yes, this is an additional cost but one that is essential to carry extra weight.

Always remember to speak to an experienced fitter like Bars N Racks. What you add will impact heavily on the capacity the vehicle has to function the way it is designed to.

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