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How To Pick the Perfect Roof Rack for All Your Gear

How To Pick the Perfect Roof Rack for All Your Gear

Planning your next getaway is easier when you know how to carry all your gear. With the correct set of roof racks on your vehicle look no further, Bars N Racks offers the best variety of roof racks in Sydney. You can bring those extra items with you like your kayak, bike, or even a roof top tent!

Bars N Racks can fit your vehicle with racks that are the proper size and fit, there is no need to look elsewhere for roof rack installation in Sydney.

Roof racks come in a variety of styles, shapes, sizes and carry loads. Roof racks can attach to the front of your vehicle, the rear, or both. They can be installed on any vehicle from small vehicles to full-size cars, trucks, and SUVs, or in many cases can be installed on Vans and Utes.

We understand not everything can fit in the vehicle by you, searching around for roof rack installation in Sydney. Bars N Racks can organise a set of roof racks to carry everything you need for your gear for that weekend camping trip to a round Australia trip and make sure everyone travels with all their necessities.

There are many things you need to consider when loading your roof racks for a trip.

Check The Weight

In order to make sure you have the correct roof rack system we recommend you speak to someone who can organise a custom roof racks system for your vehicle. It is essential to make sure you have the correct roof racks installed for the specific vehicle you drive. Bars N Racks have Roof racks for sale in Sydney that are readily available to install, unless you get the correct set to fit your specific vehicle you run the risk of losing your load as they may not be the right ones to carry your load.

The fitter will ask you questions like what you intend on carrying on the roof racks, kayaks, bike racks, platform trays, luggage bags, or baskets. We need to make sure that you have the correct set of racks for the weight you intend on carrying on your roof.

Customise Your Roof Rack System

Depending on the type of vehicle you drive depends on how many roof racks you can fit on the roof of the vehicle. If you have a van or a motor home with a larger load capacity, you may be able to fit more than one set of roof rack on the roof section.

So how can we help you? Well, we can organise a custom roof racks system for your vehicle which will allow much easier loading and unloading of your gear. Bars N Racks will arrange a roof rack installation that can also work with you to recommend the best storage system for your needs from a luggage box to a platform tray we can even organise the fitting for you once we have the goods in store.

Choosing Accessories, The List Is Endless

Roof Racks have many uses. The accessories are endless and can be used in a variety of ways for work and play! Maybe you want to just carry some extra things on your roof rack for the family weekend. Bars N Racks can organise you with a set of Roof Racks that can go on the front of your vehicle.

If you are carrying your kayak, snowboard, surfboard, or bike on the roof you can organise a roof rack system to carry them on. Off to the snow in winter; we have access to ski or snowboard carriers to keep on the roof rather than inside the vehicle. We can organise a carrier that fits on your roof racks for kayaks, this means removing the kayak from the trailer to free up towing it and loading it onto the roof. This can save you time when getting away on that weekend trip. Want to ditch the bulky tent? Great, we can organise a roof rack system to put your tent on the roof, and then you can pack everything else into the back of the vehicle.

Strength and Durability

There is no quicker way to ruin a trip or a day’s work than to have a roof rack failure. If you have an accident and the roof racks are not strong enough to handle the load it can be a disaster. If looking for a Roof rack installation in Sydney, Bars N Racks is recommended, you get a system that is strong, durable, and made for your vehicle.

Roof racks are also used in many industries including mining, farming, manufacturing, firefighting, military, and tow trucks so it is important to make sure you get the right equipment that is tested to last.

The most important thing you can do when using roof racks is to also check the owner’s manual of your vehicle and check how much weight the roof of your vehicle can carry. This is often different to the weight the roof racks can hold. First and foremost you cannot carry any more weight on the roof than what the manufacturer of the vehicle recommends as this can void your warranty of the vehicle and you’re insurance in the event you have an accident.

Low Profile

Regardless of what you put on your roof, it will have an impact on the noise and amount of fuel the vehicle uses. The lighter the load, the less fuel used and the less noise. Roof racks need to be fitted at the correct height for maximum air flow over the top of them. The higher you go, the more effect it will have on your fuel consumption and wind noise at speed.

Bars N Racks can help you install your roof racks, so they are fitted correctly to deter wind drag from wind resistance as much as possible when not needed.

Product Support

We ensure that we provide you with support with your set of roof racks when we install them. We can show you how to fit them correctly should you need to remove them. We ensure you have a good understanding of how to do this when you need to load up your roof racks.

Wide Range Of Products

Not only do we have an extensive range of roof racks for sale Sydney, but we also have a large range of accessories to go on them. You have a great number of options for what you can load on the vehicle when using accessories. A platform tray or basket has the capacity to store bulky items like bikes, swags, tents, jerry cans, and gas bottles. It frees up room in the vehicle.


There comes a time when due to wear and tear from usage or even wear from the sun that the roof racks will need replacing. The benefit of purchasing from us is that we can replace just one or more depending on how much damage has occurred to the bars or racks. Plastic parts on the roof racks can go brittle over time and to ensure the safety of your load you should replace the parts as soon as you notice they have worn.

If you need a roof rack installation in Sydney, it is important to ensure that your load is safe and secure when travelling. Roof racks will ensure that all your gear is secure and safe on the roof of your vehicle for those workdays, journeys, trips, or adventures.

Bars N Racks can help you fit, install and maintain your roof racks should they require maintenance over time.

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