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How To Customise Your 4wd Fitout For Overland Adventures: What To Consider

How To Customise Your 4wd Fitout For Overland Adventures: What To Consider

It's no surprise that with Bars & Racks we enjoy 4x4 adventures. With a huge range of fit out services here in Sydney we enjoy giving our customers as much information when putting together a custom job for your vehicle fit out service in Australia

Shelter, Living and Sleeping

When you go out on the tracks and enjoy your vehicle, it can be very empowering to be able to sleep under the stars and find a better camping spot with your vehicle. Now while a simple fit out is ideal we need to consider comfort as well. Not many people realise how important this is when you are out on an outback adventure. While not everyone can afford a camper trailer, many opt for the use of a swag, or a rooftop tent.

When you are looking for 4wd equipment in Sydney, Bars N Racks can set you up with the best sleeping gear based on your needs and budget. Rooftop tents are a great solution for those who are looking to save space in the vehicle as it is stored on the roof.  For the camper that likes a single or double set up on ground level, we would suggest a swag. Easy to roll out and pack up and not bulky at all.

You need to consider shelter, shade, or even protection from the rail. Awnings that fold out from the side of your vehicle offer shade and protection from the rain especially if you go that little bit further and add walls to the awning. Comfort is always a must and when looking for 4WD equipment, Bars N Racks has all your needs covered. We can save you shopping around as we can get you organised for all kinds of weather.


Firstly, you should consider space in the vehicle. Having an organised prep area will make things easier and should be a priority if you are on the go travelling. When storing dry foods, you should consider keeping them in separate containers. A drawer system is a great addition also as you can keep all your containers in one controlled area.

Keeping things like meat, cheese or drinks cold means you need of a fridge. If you are out in the middle of nowhere ice can be hard to find for kilometres! You can research vehicle fit out services in Australia and see many options. Once you have worked out the kind of design you are looking to achieve in the rear of the vehicle, Bars N Racks works with the clients and recommend you a fridge that will suit your needs to sit in a space in the vehicle.

If you are thinking more of a non-powered fridge, we have products that are aimed to stay cold for up to 5 days on an off-road trip. Being well insulated they can hold ice to keep your meat and drinks cold for when you need them.


Bars N Racks recommends you keep a minimum of 2-3 litres PER person of water for each day you travel. While this may seem way too much for drinking you need to factor in washing and cooking also. This can make a huge difference to how comfortable you are out in the bush. At Bars & Racks, we can get you all sorts of water storage solutions to make sure you are ready to go on your next trip. It is essential that you plan for water as it is not always readily available, yet it is a necessity.

You will also need to consider a way of getting more water while away from main supplies. Water filters are a must if you’re travelling off-road, especially if you are going far off-road, you never know what has been in the water if you are filling from creeks or rivers, that may have vehicles travelling thru it or even animals drinking from creeks. You may have to share your drinking water with all kinds of things.

In order to figure out the best long-term solution for your water storage you should speak to a specialist at Bars & Racks, we can suggest things from Jerry cans and assist with where to store them in the vehicle to water tanks, to allow you to venture on a long trip.


Everyone needs storage to keep things securely locked away especially when you are travelling. The best way that you can lock away your belongings is through the use of an inbuilt system such as a set of drawers on either side of the vehicle in the back storage area. If you are looking for a more modular solution, there are drawer systems that are designed to fit neatly and roll in and out for easy access. You can organise food, cooking equipment, clothes, and any other things you need to hold securely and keep organised for easy access.

There is no need to spend time researching 4wd equipment in Sydney, Bard N Racks will help with any kind of storage for your vehicle as well. Thinking of utilizing the roof of your vehicle then we can assist with storage also. Vehicle fit out service Australia can tailor design the fitting of roof boxes, storage baskets, luggage bags for your vehicle.


Bars N Racks recommends we work with clients to customise power set ups to ensure you can run all of your essential power requirements and operate them efficiently.

Whether it is for cooking, lighting, or operating lighting you need that battery to last a long time when you are off grid. The best way to ensure this is to have a powerful solution that suits your needs and is reasonably priced. Obviously running power to your fridge is an essential thing to do when you are travelling or when you are camping and want your meat/food to be chilled. If you have a roof top tent it makes sense to run lights for this purpose and for cooking as well, we can help with that.

You can spend hours researching 4WD bull bars in Sydney fit outs but to take the time and confusion away, Bars N Racks can show you an array of options for all your power requirements, from solar power to generators, we can get you set up with the right power for your vehicle or for when you are camping.

Bars N Racks have a wide range of products that can be used to help with storage, lighting, and power. These allow you to customise your vehicle based on where and what you are taking it over. While we are not just an accessory company, we do offer a wide range of products to help make sure you have everything covered and organised.

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