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How To Choose the Right Towbar For Beginners

How To Choose the Right Towbar For Beginners

A newcomer to towing?  Not a problem, Bars N Racks offer towbar installation throughout Sydney metro areas and have experts who can ask you a series of questions about what you intend on towing.  They will then recommend a towbar that might be appropriate for your towing needs and your budget.

A towbar installation expert in Sydney from Bars N Racks will also explain what you can expect and when. These experienced fitters will show you how they are reputable in their field, so you can rest assured any recommendation they give you is sound.

Bars N Racks will arrange your towbar fitting in Sydney and will help you decide on the right towbar. This depends on your vehicle, what you are towing and where you plan on going.

We will visually show the towbar system to you and explain what to watch out for legally regarding your safety, how to use the bar correctly, and the things you may need to check. We help you make the choice on the right towbar and discuss the tow bar installation in Sydney and cost through us at Bars N Racks.

What different types of tow bars are out on the market to choose from?

There are four different types of towbar styles to choose from:

Rear Step
Flat Tongue
Horizontal Hitch
Swan Neck

The Rear Step:
The Rear step towbar is designed to be used primarily on 4WDs only. This type of towbar sticks out further than other towbars do. Once the towbar is fitted the rear step is fitted onto it.  Rear Step towbars also provide better ground clearance. The downside is that they are much heavier, and only manufactured for specific models of 4WDs and Utes.

Flat Tongue Towbar:
Flat tongue towbars are designed only for lighter vehicles and loads. The flat tongue tow bar includes a detachable tow ball. This fits into a horizontal slot on the towbar. The ‘tongue’ of the tow ball is then secured by using two large bolts. The bolts are placed through the top of the hitch and offer security you can trust and rely on.

Horizontal Hitch Towbar:
The term hitch refers to the reinforced metal structure that attaches to the vehicle. A hitch has two components. A Trailer hitch attaches to the vehicle. The receiver hitch slides into the trailer hitch and has a surface for the tow ball to be bolted on.

The horizontal hitch is designed for when you need to haul heavier loads. The Horizontal hitch tow bar has a square tongue that connects to the trailer hitch. It is like the Flat Tongue towbar but taken to the next level, and is available in two various sizes:

40mm which is for towing medium-sized loads

50mm which is for heavy-duty towing

Bars N Racks will show you how the sturdy metal pin is securely inserted through the side of the hitch to keep the receiver secure. The Horizontal Hitch towbar is also compatible with a weight distribution hitch. A towbar fitting Sydney specialist won’t leave you in the lurch, they will discuss things thoroughly.

Swan Neck Towbar:
Swan Neck towbars are designed for the electric vehicles that are on the Australian roads now. They are attached to the towbar permanently. This eliminates the need for it to be connected and detached for each use. Swan Neck towbars have a U-shape or a rounded L-shape. Modern vertical hitch towbars resemble the look of a swan neck, which is how they received their name.

Choosing the Right Hitch

The hitch is a device for the trailer coupling to connect to. The trips you plan to do will often decide on the type of hitch you will need. Using the right hitch is essential. Using the wrong one could lead to disastrous results. The wrong hitch can damage both your trailer and vehicle.

Weight Distribution Hitch

Weight distribution hitches ensure the towing vehicle, and the trailer is kept level. Using a standard 50mm tow ball with a heavy trailer can cause the trailer to pull down the back of the vehicle. If this happens, it will cause a dangerous handling and steering problem for both trailer and tow vehicle. If you are researching for a Towbar Sydney fit, Bars N Racks will ensure that the weight is evenly spread across the chassis of the vehicle. You can purchase the weight distribution hitch from us directly and we will show you how to fit it.

Towbar Classes Of Bars

Bars N Racks will help you get the correct towbar. Using a towbar to tow more than its weight rating results in serious damage to your vehicle. By towing too much weight, it puts pressure on the engine, which results in the engine overheating. The brakes will also wear faster & the transmission may also fail.

Choosing the Right Towbar for Your Vehicle

If you are looking for Towbar fitting in Sydney, then Bars N Racks will determine which type of towbar is right for you. If you check your vehicles identification plate located inside the door. Manufacturers list how much weight your vehicle can tow. The weight limit tells which type of towbar is the right fit for you. Then there are some vehicles that will only be compatible with higher class towbars. This can be determined by towbar fitting.

What If There Is No Towbar Available For My New Vehicle?

Certain manufacturers can make specific towbars for vehicles that are new and not yet able to be fitted with a commercial bar. You should ask the manufacturer to investigate this.

Vehicle Warranty With a Towbar

If the towbar meets the Australian Design Standard approval, then the warranty will not be voided.

Will Reversing Sensors be Affected by a Towbar?

Bars N Racks will check this, so they work correctly after fitting. Reverse sensors will still go off anytime you are towing a trailer and reversing, towbar fitting will also check this.

Installing your Towbar

Bars N Racks will cost the total package, so you know what you are up for. Using an experienced fitter guarantees it is fitted correctly and is the correct one for whatever you intend on towing.

A Guide To Safe Towing

Safety needs to be a priority. When you are towing, you must ensure that you meet all safety and legal requirements.

You must:

Make sure the caravan or trailer must have its number plate displayed clearly.

Ensure the trailer is coupled to the tow vehicle correctly

Make sure all lights are working

Breakaway System

In every state of Australia, for any trailer over 2500 kg, it is necessary to have a trailer breakaway system fitted which has a backup battery.

Trailer breakaway systems are failsafe & can bring a trailer to a safe stop. It works by activating the trailer's electric brakes if it becomes disconnected during driving from the tow vehicle. Trailers registered in NSW must be able to monitor the battery from within the tow vehicle. This monitor must also have an audible and video alert if the voltage of the battery drops below usable levels.

Number Plate Height

The plate must be attached to a vehicle so that no part of the plate is more than 130 cm from the ground.

If you have a large off-road caravan or camper? Your registration plate may exceed this restriction. It's recommended to get a Bars N Racks fitting expert to check for compliance.

Towing Speed Limits

Different states have different speed limits for drivers who are towing a trailer.

– In NSW, if your vehicle has a combined weight of 4500 kg, the maximum speed you can do is 100 km/h

It is recommended you check the states you intend on travelling to.

Towing Mirrors

A lot of drivers are unaware of legislation related to towing mirrors. If you are towing a full-size caravan with your vehicle, it's likely that it will restrict your vision. Make sure you comply, attach extension mirrors to avoid receiving a hefty fine. By installing towing mirrors, you need to be able to see clearly behind and around your caravan. If there are still some blind spots, you need to adjust the mirrors until you have a clear view.

Always remember, if you're searching for towbar installation in Sydney, you must be sure to select a reliable company to install the correct one for you. Bars N Racks have fitters who have experience in sitting with customers to address what they are intending on towing and will make sure you have the correct towbar installed for the item you are intending on towing.

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