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How To Choose a Professional Towing Service In 4 Easy Steps

How To Choose a Professional Towing Service In 4 Easy Steps

It doesn't matter how many precautions you try to take, there's always a chance that your vehicle may not work at 100% capacity. Whether you happen to break down in the middle of a busy intersection, or your car's battery just decided to give up on you right when you needed it most, there's one thing that is for certain; if you're looking for professional towing solutions or tow service in Sydney, Australia Bars n Racks is one place to go for all your towing solution.

There are hundreds of towing companies out there that will make you pay large bills, but some never arrive on time either which can be extremely frustrating.

Below are some steps that can help you find a professional towing service to assist you when you need them.

What Services Do Towing Companies Provide?

You are always best to ask each individual company they provide as they are not always the same.

If your vehicle is damaged due to a recent accident or has some mechanical issues for instance something like a flat tyre, many companies will not assist you and repair or replace the tyre for you.

If you are seeking towing solutions in Australia Bars N Racks recommends you to choose the best towing solution based on the type of vehicle you have. There are caravan towing companies out there that cater to light-duty, medium-duty, and heavy-duty vehicles and therefore will be able to provide you with the assistance needed. Bars n Racks suggest you best towing accessories to make sure you are comfortable with your vehicle by asking specific questions before you appoint their service.

Check The Reviews About The Company You Are Going To Choose

Whether you have just a vehicle that needs towing or you may break down while towing your caravan, boat, or trailer it's always best to look for a towing company that has the best reviews. Always check reviews to ensure the company you select is an approved towing company and is experienced in the job you need. You need to ensure the company you choose has a good reputation. If a company is new and has zero reviews that's another thing to take into consideration. If you are researching towing accessories in Sydney, we recommend that it is always best to ask around and read up on the company that matches your need and when you call them, they will be willing to assist you. Remember they are helping you tow your car or caravan, and you want the best service from them. When reading reviews look for specifics and detail. The more information in the review the more comfortable you can feel if you are looking at engaging their services.

Check the Prices of the Services Provided By the Towing Company

Pricing is always a difficult thing to go by, cheap doesn't always be better,same goes for an expensive tow unless you are way outback away from communities on dirt tracks when you break down. A quality company with a professional attitude and service at an affordable price is what you are looking for. Everything should be included in their prices, so no hidden fees when they arrive to tow your car, caravan or truck. Always check when seeking caravan towing, some may have high prices if it involves towing the vehicle and the caravan. You should always have it clearly broken down as to what the individual cost is.

Most companies will give you a flat rate, usually based on the weight of your vehicle and the areas they are towing over. If you are just relocating your car and need it towed somewhere close by there may not be additional charges for this. Always ask and seek clear answers, better still if you aren't in a hurry ask for a quote.

Most caravan towing companies provide towing in times of emergencies especially if you have been involved in an accident. This is good if you need help immediately but there are in some cases towing companies that have a slower response time. You do not want to wait for a response if you are in urgent need of a tow and therefore look for towing services that state they are available in times of emergencies.

Check The Types Of Towing Services Provided By The Company

If you have the time and it isn't an emergency you should make a list of the things, you need for the tow such as a tow dolly for a four-wheel drive or if it's not available to you a flat deck tow truck. Some companies will provide you with a flat deck tow truck if your vehicle can't be towed with a regular tow truck or is too heavy. You always must check what the company provides especially when you have more than one vehicle to tow or caravan and trailer. Many companies that offer towing solutions, also have recovery equipment and services available such as winching, tyre changing, fuel delivery, and more.


By following the steps mentioned above you should be well organized in finding a solution by researching towing services or towing accessories in Australia. There’s never a perfect time to break down, be in an accident, or just need towing from A to B. Many people just go with the first towing company that comes up in a search, but Bars N Racks recommends if you're seeking towing accessories in Australia, always take time to check if the company is reputable and reliable. Caravan towing or boat or trailer towing requires a specific towing trailer especially if there is a vehicle that also needs to be towed. Always make sure you clearly explain what needs towing and where it needs to be towed. There is no point in endorsing a company only to find that your destination is not in their specific area and that they will add additional charges to the service as a result.

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