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Five Methods for Towing A Caravan Safely On Australian Roads

Five Methods for Towing A Caravan Safely On Australian Roads

It doesn't matter if you are packing the family up for a holiday or beginning to venture on the road as a grey nomad, everyone has the same thing in common.

On an Australian road-trip, safety needs to be your number one priority.

If you are towing a caravan or trailer in Australia, it is vital that you know how to carefully prepare your vehicle and Knowledge for caravan towing.

If you are planning a trip, you should consider the route you are taking, pack for the weather conditions along the way and remember to put your UHF call sign on the back of your van so others can chat to you if there are any concerns along the way! But before heading off you need to become familiar with some very important tips for caravan towing on Australian roads.

Is There a Perfect Car for Towing Caravans?

The answer is no BUT while everyone has their own opinion on cars you must consider what weight caravan you intend to tow and make sure that the vehicle can tow it when you have it fully packed and ready to head off. A lot of towing breakdowns occur when the caravan is overladen or there is a problem with the towbar connection. Bars N Racks can check your towbar if you have one or if you are in the need of one, they can assist you with fitting.

When towing, you need to make sure your car:

• Has the power to tow your caravan
• Has the correct braking system to slow you down with the load that you are towing
• Has suspension with a high rating to make it safe to tow.

If you want to check that your vehicle has everything you need to tow or even needs some equipment added, you should consider an inspection from a caravan towing solutions specialist who will be able to offer advice on the capability of your vehicle.

What Are the Best Tyres For Towing A Caravan?

It is recommended by most that you should have a good quality all terrain tyre fitted. All terrain tyres don't go as fast as a high terrain one, but they are a good mix between when you are driving on highways and have good traction and comfort when you are towing.

You also need to remember that the towing speed is less than when you are not towing. Bars N Racks has all your Caravan towing solutions and can answer any questions and offer advice if you have any questions on towing.

Before You Hit The Road......

There are a few things you need to do before heading off on a trip. You need to make sure the car is up to towing. It is recommended that you should seek advice on caravan towing and make sure you are prepared. You need to think about:

Get Your Car Serviced

A lot of people forget to get the car serviced, and make sure all oils and water are good and all leads are safe and connected. You should never skip a service especially if your intentions are on an outback trip.

Check Your Suspension

Bars N Racks can assist you in checking your suspension has the correct weight limit. They will also advise if your suspension needs servicing or even if you need to get new suspension to cope with the load you intend on towing.

What Is The Download rating?

Do you know what a download rating is? have you ever heard of this before? Bars N Racks has experience in Towbar fitting Sydney and can help you with this, but it basically means how much weight you can carry on the tow ball. You must know what this is and make sure the weight of your caravan and the weight you have added into it never go over this. The tow ball is only weighted to carry a maximum weight and putting more pressure on it can lead to severe damage.

Check The Air Pressure in Your Tyres And Fill If Needed

A best practice is to check the pressure in your tyres before every trip. The tyres will need to be filled with a pressure that is rated for the size of the tyre. Caravan towing solutions can offer advice and make sure you know what the correct rating is if you are unsure.

Check the lights on your Caravan and vehicle.

Always make sure your lights are all in working order before heading off. This is an important part of your caravan towing equipment and should be checked every time you get back in the car as towing leads can slowly make their way lose especially if you are off road.

Check Your Wheel Bearings

If looking for Caravan towing solutions, Bars N Racks will tell you, caravans do not move all the time the same way your vehicle does. For this reason, the bearings are likely to dry or seize up. Your bearings should be inspected and if needed repacked a minimum of every 12 months.

Do Not Overload Your Caravan

The more weight the more unstable the load becomes, and it will make your stopping time longer to stop in an emergency. Never tow more than the recommended weight, go to a weighing station and get it checked with your full load to be 100% sure.

Be Considerate and Give Others Reasonable Space

When you and others are towing the combined weight the length you are towing can exceed 7.5 metres and you need to leave up to 200 metres behind another long vehicle to stop in the event of an emergency. Also, caravan towing limits the space where you can park in many towns. You can’t just duck in and get bread and milk and expect to park safely near the supermarket like you could if you were just in a car.

Driving At a Safe Speed

You always need to watch your speed and remember braking takes longer when you are towing equipment behind you. Just because you are ok with your speed doesn't mean it is safe. Driving even 10km slower can make a big difference in the event you need to brake fast but it will also allow you to conserve petrol!

Taking A Wide Birth When Turning Corners

The turning circle of a car and caravan is large, and you need to ensure that up have factored this in. You also need to slow down and take all corners widely and slowly and you will have success!

How Do You Reverse Your Caravan?

When towing your caravan, you will need to know this too. If you are parking up and need to reverse, you need to park in a place that has enough space. Think about your car and the caravan together, keep angles as smooth as possible. If you make fast turns your caravan will jacknife and this causes many new issues.

The key thing is to remember to turn the wheel in the opposite way you need to turn. Once the caravan is in the correct direction gently and slowly angle the car into position.

Need More Accessories for The Car or Caravan For Your Off-road Holiday?

If you feel the need for more than we suggest you visit caravan towing solutions websites or your local Bars N Racks who have caravan towing equipment, and they will be able to help you and answer any questions you might have. Remember you can never have too much information and no question are ever wrong. Experts are available to assist and help you feel confident before you begin a trip.

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