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10 Essential 4×4 Accessories You Must Have

10 Essential 4×4 Accessories You Must Have

You may not want to admit it but in basic stock form the majority of 4×4 will be more than capable of getting you out on weekends for a family camping trip. However, if you are an avid, experienced 4x4er the chances are that you will love the time spent out on dirt roads, remote camp sites and enjoying some amazing views of valleys and creeks. If this is, you then your needs will be more complex than a beginner 4x4er. In this case there are 10 accessories we have discovered you can’t live without!

1. The good, reliable 12 volt fridge

Thinking of that icy cold drink once you have set up, or that amazing steak and salad for dinner cooked over an open fire? The humble esky can only be relied upon for so long and it can’t be relied on to keep things icy cold. Going away for anything longer than a weekend you will appreciate the convenience of the 12-volt fridge, it is an essential 4×4 accessory no one can go without!

2. Tyres

Whether you are a weekender veteran or an experienced veteran, good tyres are one of the most important 4×4 accessory money can buy. The size you decide on basically comes down to your choice, however the bigger the tyre, the easier it could roll over undulating or challenging terrain. If you look at the tread patterns, you will notice there are varying choices, this is just a preference you have the choice of.

If you are taking the vehicle out on long trips you are best to look into getting the all-terrain tyres, whereas if you plan on driving out in the country where traction is vital then you should look into a set of Mud Terrains or “Muddies” as the long term 4x4ers call them. If you feel that you sit somewhere in the middle of all this then you should look at a set of hybrid or aggressive all-terrain tyres will be more of what you need.

3. The Bull Bar

4×4 bull bars, if you plan on going offroad then you will need a bull bar. We have a range for you at Bars N Racks that our team can fit on your vehicle. Our team will ask you a few questions to check on your needs and get the right one for you. We will be able to also check how you are sitting for weight (GVM) and offer you the option of alloy or plastic, we have several options. If you think that you are after a full protection bull bar, then we can offer you a steel option.

4. Traction Boards or Recovery Boards

Bars N Racks has a range of 4WD accessories in Sydney and we can arrange a set of traction boards for you to make sure if you ever get into a tricky situation. These boards are made from either nylon or aluminium and the surface allows traction in tricky situations like mud, snow and sand.

All traction and recovery board are made here in Australia and are designed for our conditions.

5. Roof Racks

Roof carrying systems, or the humble roof rack as they are known, were designed to take away the larger items from inside the 4×4 and store them on the roof freeing up room for you inside the cabin. At Bars N Racks we can fit a set of these for you even and awning for extra shade when you are out on the sun and make sure they will do what you need them to do, especially if you plan on fitting things like a bike or kayak carrier to the top of the vehicle.

6. Driving Lights

If you are planning on going to the outback or on country roads where there is no light after the sun goes down, you will need a good set of driving lights. At Bars N Racks we have a good choice in 4WD accessories in Sydney and no doubt we will have something to suit your needs. Choosing a good quality set of driving lights will allow you to see further for vision and allow for safer travelling and way less stress on your eyes in the dark. They are also fantastic for showing up wildlife like kangaroos on the roads and if they save you from hitting one animal then they have basically paid for themselves.

7. Reliable Communication

Regardless of is you are alone or in a convoy a reliable set of radios are a must and can be used to warn others of dangers or send a call for help if you have gotten into a tricky situation. Need help reversing the caravan, they are great for that also. They have many uses and will even allow you to call for help with the use of the repeater system on stations also.

8. 12 Volt Power

Every 4x4er than plans on going well into the outback driving should take a battery with them. There are always things that you will connect to power from your fridge, camp lighting, even the mobiles or satellite phones, all need power to keep them going. The 12-volt power is an essential item for all to have on hand.

9. The 12-volt winch

The winch is an amazing accessory for every 4x4er. They will help you recover vehicles, or even get yourself out of a sticky situation. You will always have peace of mind that regardless of where you are you will have access to the tools needed to pull yourself out and get back on the road.

10. Suspension

What do you have under your 4×4? How are you planning on keeping the rig in top condition? You shouldn’t neglect your 4×4 just because you can; t see what’s underneath it. Reliable suspension is a must if you plan on travelling on uneven, rocky or sandy tracks. One thing you need to consider is quality. There are many aftermarket products that have good and bad things going for them. The choice is yours, however if you want your rig to continue to remain fully protected you should invest in good suspension. It will save you money in the long run. Our fitters at Bars N Racks love kitting out 4×4’s and are happy to go through some options with you.

Come in and see us at Bars N Racks we love all things 4×4 and look forward to seeing your vision become a reality soon.



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