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Commercial Vehicle Fit Out: What You Need To Know

Commercial Vehicle Fit Out: What You Need To Know

For all business owners who use tools for their work, transporting is the easy part. Having them in an easy, accessible format is vital for a business to operate successfully.

The team at Bars N Racks have the experience and knowledge to assist in van fit outs in Sydney. Our belief is that when you come in and we chat about your needs we work out a design that allows us to provide you with an ideal commercial vehicle fit out.


One of the most important parts of a commercial fit out is the shelving. We work with clients to ensure the interior space is maximised to allow you to store as much as possible inside the vehicle. The end result of your vehicle fit out service will leave the inside organised, clean and tidy with access to everything you need without the need to search through a messy pile of resources.


Often a barrier is essential for not only stopping things from moving but ensuring the safety of anyone inside the vehicle as if you break suddenly any loose items become a dangerous missile. Our team of professionals will work with you to ensure that the barrier is up and in place before we start fitting out.

Roof Racks

Adding a set of roof racks that are tough, robust, high quality, are a perfect way to allow you to carry more equipment on the roof of your van and use the space within better.

Bars N Racks will source the best roof racks to suit your needs from a range of manufacturers depending on your requirements and can offer a variety of different styles.

Roof racks are available in heavy-duty or sports styles, practical and efficient and are compatible with different accessories e.g., load straps, ladder loaders, awnings, platforms, trays and more.

Roof Vents

Looking for additional fresh air in your commercial vehicle? Roof vents are the perfect solution. They are available in static and rotary styles, are durable and come in quality designs to produce optimum airflow. Whether you need ventilation for animals, heat-sensitive products, or something else, we can source the right vent for your requirements.

Equipment Hiding Areas

These are made by creating a "hidden" area inside a vehicle, within this area you can access the tools that you use on your regular work. These areas reduce clutter and increase the storage space available within the building.

Van Accessories

We can customise your vehicle with bull bars or budge bars, roof racks to assist in transporting ladders, shovels etc. Add tow bars and roof vents even reversing alarms to warn people of what you are doing if and where you are moving to.

Van Lining

Depending on the type of work you are doing we can install new flooring and wall panels to the inside of the vehicle. Non trip tread is often used when using the vehicle for transporting clients and adds extra safety to the inside of the cabin. There are various different types of flooring, and we will discuss this when we make a time to sit and chat about your needs.


Adding windows allow extra light into the cabin when you are working, and the vehicle is stationary but it also allows better vision for when you are driving. All windows are made from industrial strength toughened glass and can be tinted if needed.

Internal Lighting

Inside the cab you can add the addition of some LED lights to add more light in so you can see clearer and easier when you are looking for things in your racking. Added light can assist you as when you spend so much time in your vehicle there are times when that extra light can make things easier to access visually.


If you have a van that you will be transporting people around in the community but see the need for additional seating, or simply need old seating replaced, we can work with you and get this organised. A vehicle fit out service will even design this for you, it isn’t just limited to shelving, lighting and windows.

Van Interior Design

Interior design is also a vital part of any commercial vehicle interior. We work with each client to pull together a plan that will work for them but also the van they are fitting out. The end result is an organised and clean fitout that takes into account all their security needs.

Tow Bars

Expand your potential storage by adding a trailer with a towbar. This is ideal for large bulky tools or ride on mowers that you need ready to go, attached to your vehicle. There is chances that you will require a heavy duty towbar and when using our fitout service, we can factor this and install it while we are fitting out the internal part of the vehicle. Adding a towbar is a cheap and efficient way to extend the potential storage of your commercial vehicle.


Every commercial vehicle needs to be safe for the people who are travelling inside. Bars N Racks can install locks and bolts to help keep people safe, whether that is for your personal use or for larger vehicles and equipment. From locks to securing equipment, we have all the knowledge and experience to help you secure your vehicle. This is a vital part of any commercial vehicle interior design that isn’t overlooked by many.

Commercial Vehicle Electric Upgrades – Solar Panels, Batteries and Inverters

As technology advances it’s not just about the vehicles you are using for work but the accessories that help keep those vehicles going. If you can’t do without your mobile phone, tablet or laptop as a part of your business, then there will come a point when battery life is an issue.


If you have a vehicle that needs batteries installed, you might want to consider adding or upgrading the batteries that are in the vehicle at present. This can make a huge difference to your van in how it operates and how long it will last between charges.

There are endless combinations to fit out any commercial vehicle and our team of professionals at Bars N Racks have the knowledge to work with you and provide you with a plan that will suit your vehicle’s needs. Bars N Racks are a recognised fitout service in Australia who are always on hand to offer advice and great service to enhance and help your business grow.

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