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Can A Towbar Be Transferred To A Different Car?

Can A Towbar Be Transferred To A Different Car?

Thinking of saving some money and purchasing a second hand towbar? It is not preferred nor is it recommended that you do this as it brings with it a lot of unknown information and there are several risks associated in doing this. As professional towbar specialists like Bars N Racks would not recommend this, as there is no warranty with the towbar when you buy it as a pre used item also. It may look like new; it may be in great condition when you look at it however, you cannot compromise and put a price on safety.

Many people assume it is fine to use a towbar from one vehicle to another, but you can’t buy a second hand towbar from a Ford Ranger and then put it on a Toyota Hilux. The fitting holes will be in a slightly different place and the chances are you will need new wiring. When you tamper with the surface of the towbar to create new holes to attach the towbar you are placing stress on the manufacturing and hindering the safety of the product.

Are towbars transferable to another car?

The only approved towbars that can be safely transferred to another car are those that are model specific, meaning they are the same make and model vehicle manufactured at the same date plated time. In addition to this you need to make sure all the wiring is in good condition.

Secondly Bars N Racks fitters recommend that that if you insist on purchasing a second hand towbar you need to have it thoroughly checked, fitted and tested by towbar specialists who are experienced and know what to look for in wear and tear in a used towbar.

You often never know the history of a towbar that has been used on a previous car. This may open up unknown issues should the towbar have damage. There is no way of knowing when buying a transferable towbar if the towbar has been involved in an accident. You may not even know if the towbar has been reversed into anything. It may have only been a “small bump” but it can wear the tow ball or worse still have damage underneath to the body of the towbar and this will mean you have a towbar that is not roadworthy.

How safe are second hand towbars?

When you are towing you want the reassurance that the towbar you have purchased is safe and roadworthy. Now while it thought it should be safe, when buying a second hand towbar this may be something you are constantly thinking about.

Vehicle specific towbars are exactly that and if using a second hand towbar on the same make, model and manufacturer date then yes it can safely be transferred from one car to the other, however, how do you know if the towbar has ever been in an accident or incident like being reversed into a stationary object? The reality of this is you can’t. You may like to take the word of the buyer, but you can never be sure at the end of the day. Should the towbar have been compromised this means it is then automatically unroadworthy and not be able to tow.

If you are towing a caravan, boat, trailer or horse float you need to be 100% sure that the towbar towing your precious cargo is strong and roadworthy. Bars N Racks team of approved, trained fitters can inspect the towbar and give you honest advice on the validity and safety of your purchase. It is also recommended if you decide to go ahead with a second hand towbar purchase that you have an experienced fitter remove it from the first car and place and fit it on your vehicle to ensure there is less chance of anything being damaged.

If you buy a second hand towbar that has been used time over time, the chances are there will be some kind of damage. Towbars are exposed to a range of things an you may have no idea of where they have been or what they have been towed through. Exposure to things like salt water, dirt roads and dust can weaken the structure of the bar hence the towing capacity of the same bar if it was brand new is way stronger than its used counterpart.

Rust is also seen as a big concern if you see any on the second hand towbar you need to be concerned. Rust indicated the integrity of the metal may be compromised and this weakens the structure of the towbar meaning it is not as strong and will be weakened when you add a load to tow. If this occurs there is a chance the towbar will over time, crack resulting in an accident and financial loss if you are on the road and other vehicles are damaged as this may not be covered under your insurance. You really need to consider all the potential issues that may occur and think about the unknown exposure that a worn towbar may put yourself and your passengers to in the event of a potential accident.

Is there any chance that the warranty may be affected at all?

When you buy a vehicle specific towbar brand new, they often come with a manufacturer warranty or even a guarantee, however, should you remove that towbar and place it onto another vehicle identical to the first one the guarantee does not transfer across as a result.

This basically means when you remove the towbar you have automatically removed and voided the guarantee or warranty that came with the towbar when it was brand new.

Now should you veer have any issues with parts breaking, defects or faults you will have to pay for all out of pocket expenses as they will not be covered by the manufacturer.

Now should you change your mind and decide to purchase a brand new towbar after speaking to a Bars N Racks fitting specialist, then you will have that warranty and peace of mind should anything happen, or something break then you have that warranty available to come back to us and we will advise you whether it is wear and tear or can be replaced under warranty.

Still not sure on what the right decision is.

On a budget and that cheaper second hand towbar is looking for a lot better than a brand new one? Bars N Racks can advise and recommend, but the final decision comes down to you. You must realise however, should our fitting team find an issue with your second hand purchase and they deem it to be unroadworthy then they will not risk your safety or their credibility so hence as a result they will not fit that towbar as it will be seen as unroadworthy.

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