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5 Camping Accessories To Get Your 4WD Ready For Summer

5 Camping Accessories To Get Your 4WD Ready For Summer

Summertime brings along with it holidays. Can pack up the kid, get the fridge ready and take off. Bars N Racks has all your 4WD camping essentials to make sure you have an amazing time await, come in and see what we have on offer!

You may remember last minute essentials like an awning for shade, at Bars N Racks we can organise this and more for you to make the trip one to remember. We see ourselves as the 4WD accessories Sydney specialists!

Below are some of the most important items you will need to get your 4WD ready for this coming summer.

1.4WD Awnings

Australia has some of the harshest weather conditions especially the sun in summer. Yes you can apply sunscreen to protect yourself from the sun’s rays but you should additionally consider how you will take refuge from the sun’s harmful rays. The ideal awning will protect you and the family from sun, winds, and rain. They are easy to use and often only require a one person set up. When looking at awnings you should consider:

• East set up and pack up.
• Quality if the stitching
• The poles and fittings it come with, are they easily stored?
• Material and quality, how are they manufactured?

There Are Two Kinds Of Awnings

Foxwing or Bating Awnings

The foxwing or batwing awning are quite large, and they come out from the side of the vehicle and wrap around the rear of the vehicle. They sit on a pivot arm or folding arm and offer 270 degrees coverage.

Side Awnings

The side awnings are just that an awning that comes out of the side of the vehicle. They are usually recommended to be put on the passenger side of the vehicle and are mounted to the ground with two poles. They are quite popular as they are a fast and easy set-up is versatile and very easy to set up and pack away again.

Mounting and Maintaining Your Awning

When mounting and maintaining your awning there are several things you need to do to ensure you get the longest life out of it.

• Pack It Away Dry: Yes, we know your awning will get wet however, if possible, never pack it into its cover wet. This makes for a breeding field for mould and bacteria. If you have no choice but to do a wet pack up we recommend you open it up to dry the first chance you get as soon as the rain stops.

• Mount It Flush: When out on WD tracks the chances are your vehicle will cop a fair number of twigs from low hanging trees and you need to make sure that all your accessories are compact to ensure they avoid having items lodge in them. Make sure for this reason that your awning is installed as flush to your roof racks as possible. If you are not keen to do this alone you can visit us at Bars N Racks, we can make sure your 4WD camping accessories are securely fitted to the vehicle.

• Use Tent Pegs: When setting up your awning make sure you use the pegs it came with to secure it to the ground. There is nothing worse than forgetting and have the awning lift in the first puff of wind and cause damage.

2. A Breathable Tent

4WD awnings are great for adding shade for your campsite but if you want to make it more relaxing you can add a roof top tent. They are the best solution for luxury camping and will allow the tent to breath with the fabric used but also make sure the mossies stay out.

3. Fridge & Ice Boxes

There’s nothing better than having an icy cold drink on hand. Making sure you have the right size fridge or ice box is essential if you need to store food in it along with your favourite drinks. Come in and have a chat to us at Bars N Racks we will make sure you have the right thing for all your icy cold drinks and food.

4. Recovery Gear

4WD means you can go where the family car won’t however, you need to make sure especially of travelling alone that you have all the 4WD camping essentials should you get stuck and need some recovery gear to get you out of a sticky situation.

*Tyre air pressure gauge
*Snatch straps
*Long handle shovel
*Air compressors
*Strong recover points and bow shackles
*Recovery tracks

5. Bring Everything

Make a list of what you need. Thinking with common sense will usually get you sorted.

Make sure you pack essentials like a torch, head laps, rubbish bags, and most importantly, sunscreen.

Where Is the Best Place To Get All Your Camping and 4WD Accessories?

For all your 4WD off-road camping essentials, call in and see us at Bars N Racks. We will get you sorted with the basics or if you need some little luxuries too. We are ready and waiting so come in today




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