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A Guide To Selecting The Best Off-Road Caravan

A Guide To Selecting The Best Off-Road Caravan

Making the right choice in purchasing the best offroad caravan can be confusing, especially if it is your first time. The following information should help you in making the right choice for you and your family.

Offroad Caravans In NSW

There is a big difference in on road and off-road caravans. The biggest differences are the clearance you get from the ground level, self-sufficiency, and structural strength.

Different caravan manufacturers offer different off-road ability and this is something you need to consider when looking to purchase, and consider exactly where you plan on travelling.

Listed below are different kinds of caravans that you need to know about if you are planning on going offroad.

• Outback Models: These were designed to do basic entry-level off-road travelling. They have increased ground clearance and minor protection against damage from stones. Additionally, they can usually withstand the ability to camp off the grid for a maximum of one to two nights only.

• All Terrain Models: These can be towed on slightly rougher terrain including corrugated roads as they are made to be tougher with their chassis and internal fittings. Off the grid they can go for a week in good weather conditions or until they run out of water.

• Fully Off Road: These caravans consist of a higher suspension component and their electrical systems are top class.

• Extreme Off Road: These caravans combine everything you need to go completely off the grid for major severe adventures and are usually specifically custom built for the customer.

What is the Going Cost for a Caravan?

You need to remember purchasing a caravan is a huge financial investment and therefore basic caravans start from $50,000 and can exceed $120,000.
What Do I Need To Consider When Buying A Used Caravan?

What Do I Need To Consider When Buying A Used Caravan?

Before purchasing a used caravan consider the following things.

1. What Is The History Of The Vehicle?

While a used van may free up some of the financial costs you need to find out the history of where it has been and how often it has been serviced. Ask the seller for a full history of the caravan’s maintenance and check if there has been any major repairs or damage to check what you will need to spend in ongoing costs.

2. Where Do You Intend On Travelling?

You need to consider where you will be travelling and what accessories the caravan has. If you plan on long trips with the family you need to think about beds and amenities, however a smaller caravan will be fine if it is just for weekend getaways.

3. Does It Come With A Warranty?

Get to understand things like, is the van still under warranty? Does the caravan require any warranty repairs? Can actions you do void a warranty? Ask the advice of a caravanning friend, alternatively get onto a forum to ask what the best caravans in Australia are for your travelling needs.

4. Consider Your Budget

Always know your limit when making a purchase as the chances are you may need to get a loan for the purchase and need to know your maximum limit. Also remember to ask about additional costs such as rego, dealership fees & taxes. They all add up and you don’t want to go over your limit.

Small Off Road Caravan

When looking for a small caravan you need to think about the layout and will it suit your needs. As a solo traveller you should be fine with a small pop-up van but as a family you will need more room and this comes at a cost. You may need items like air conditioning and heating, slide out BBQ’s, toilet and shower and even rear-view cameras to assist with parking.

Additionally make sure you have room for storage at home otherwise this comes at an additional cost.

Caravan Essential Items

Bars N Racks is the best place for your caravan services in Sydney. We have a range of items to assist you.

1. Towing Mirrors

You will need to see a minimum of 20 metres behind you and 4 metres either side of you and the caravan.

2. Water Carriers

Make sure you have a hose and water pump, the hose attaches to the vans water inlet for running water.

3. Electric power lead

The standard 25 metre orange power lead is ideal.

4. Wastewater carrier

The wastewater carrier gathers the greywater that drains from the sinks and shower.

5. Gas Bottle

Generally, you will need a 6-7kg gas bottle, refillable ones are an economic one to look for.

6. Gas Hose & Regulator

This makes sure the gas pressure is correct as it leaves the bottle to burn.

7. Gas Spanner

This is needed to undo the hose thread when the gas cylinder is empty.

8. Caravan Step

Strong, sturdy steps are essential for when the van is high and make it easier to get in and out of.

9. Hitch Lock & Wheel Clamp

Used as a security device and more of a deterrent.

10. Smoke alarms

As you will have a tendency every now and then to cook inside it is essential item that is designed to save lives. Make sure you also check the batteries regularly.

11. First Aid Kit

Make sure this includes painkillers, bandages, antihistamines, band aids, bandages, antibacterial wipes, and hand sanitiser gel.

12. Fire Blanket & Extinguisher

Essential items for camp fires and cooking fires.

As you can see there is a lot to consider when looking to purchase your caravan and the best place to start by coming at Bars N Racks, we have all your caravan towing solutions covered and are ready to answer any of your questions.



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