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A Beginner's Guide to Off-Roading with A 4WD Vehicle

A Beginner's Guide to Off-Roading with A 4WD Vehicle

Do you go out in your 4x4? Have you completed any 4wd courses to assist you? What about Insurance for your 4x4?

A trip to the outback is on every 4x4 enthusiasts bucket list. There is nothing more exciting than planning your off-road adventure, stocking up on the correct equipment, and hitting the dirt. Staying within your 4wd vehicle is of the utmost importance when moving off-road, so you must be prepared, knowledgeable, and experienced to handle difficult terrain.

Vehicles are inherently dangerous weapons when you are not in control. It is essential to think about your trip and plan well ahead of time. It is a good idea to try before you buy and make sure that your vehicle can handle the terrain you wish to conquer. You will be able to find 4wd driving courses near you or look them up online, for a very reasonable price now that many companies are providing this service. Some companies will even teach you how to use the new gear that you purchase once your course has been completed. Bars N Racks has a lot of equipment & ideas to get you experienced out off-road. When looking for 4WD equipment in Sydney, Bars N Racks is the right place to visit.

4WD Australia - How Do You Choose The Right Vehicle.........

The vehicle you choose can determine the magnitude of your trip. The newer 4WD vehicles are not always suited to off-road driving. The newer vehicles have significantly higher safety standards. These standards can be very strict, and the vehicles must reach several specifications to be ready for off-road driving including brake lock up, acceleration, handling and braking, electronic stability control (ESC), and others. These are standard features on any new vehicle, not just 4wd. It is important to choose the right vehicle that meets your needs.

If you plan on going extremely off-road you will need to ensure the vehicle can handle the rigorous roads off-roading brings.

Things to consider:

• Become used to driving your own vehicle well, before you plan a trip.
• Always know the dimensions of your vehicle when planning a trip to make sure the vehicle can fit in all the tight places you plan on going to.
• Bars N Racks has all the 4WD drive equipment in Sydney 4WD lovers could ask for to make sure you have all the equipment you need for your next adventure. Understand how your 4WD system works and how you control it when driving, how to become familiar with the spare tyre and jack; all these questions are correctly answered by our team. It's always recommended to regularly check the tyre pressure is correct in your tyres.

Wondering, if 4wd equipment is near me and seeking assistance to confirm that the steering and brakes are working correctly on your vehicle. There is never a great time to break down especially if you are off-road and need assistance, regular self-checks and maintenance will keep you safe on the road and dirt tracks. Get in touch with Bars n Racks for more help.

How Do I Make Sure That My Vehicle Is Ready For Off-Roading?

Do you already own a 4wd vehicle? If this case, you may need to speak to someone and check to see if your vehicle needs to be modified for your trip you are planning on taking.

Modifying Your Vehicle

The first thing you need to do is look for a good set of all terrain tyres. It’s also referred to look for Mud Tyres or Muddies. These will give you the ability to drive on rough, uneven surfaces but can still handle the smooth roads. Tyres are a lot more expensive than standard tyres so you will need to save for them.

Bars N Racks has an amazing range of towing accessories in Sydney and are ready to assist you in choosing a light bar or roof rack that has a high-quality light fitted to it. This will light up the area around you and help you see in the dark when travelling off-road at night. Make sure all your lights are working so you do not have to check again n again while traveling off-road at night.

After-market suspension should also be looked at especially if you intend on going completely off-road and are not fully aware of what terrain you are going into especially if it has been wet and roads have begun to wash away. When purchasing suspension, you need to weigh all your gear out, weigh it and make sure it all fits in or on the vehicle. For Towing accessories Sydney, Bars N Racks can also guide you and assist in fitting additional items such as a snorkel, bulbar, dual battery system, driving lights, fridge, winch and even an awning or two. All this needs to be considered for weight and balance in the vehicle before you add passengers and luggage etc.

Bars N Racks can assist you and guide you on what items you need to get initially to get you out on the 4WD tracks and advise you on how you can build on the items you need as you save for them as it can be a big financial cost to get all your needs in one to go first up.

There are lots of things you need to know especially if you are not experienced. Below you will find some 4WD Driving Tips:

1. Get To Know Your 4WD As Well As Possible

For an amazing 4WD trip, you need to be extremely familiar with your vehicle and know its capabilities. You will need to locate the lowest point when you are off-roading. Ensure when you first research towbars Sydney you get advice from Bars N Racks to ensure your towbar is the correct one for your vehicle and for what you intend on towing or placing items like a bike rack. The 4WD should have an approach and departure angle and a good ground clearance. You also need to be completely sure of the wading depth of your vehicle. If you are unsure, you should either consult the owner's manual or the team at Bars N Racks for assistance.

2. Plan Your Trip Route Extremely Carefully

All 4WD trips should begin with a well organised plan. Taking the time to plan a trip gives you the chance to adapt your plan according to unforeseen circumstances. Consider the depth of your vehicle and the nature of your route. Make sure you consider any obstacles such as rocks, branches, or creeks. Make sure you take note and plan where you are stopping on a map this will stop you from getting lost especially if you are in untravelled areas. This also assists if an issue arises, and you need to call for assistance/help. You can give the actual coordinated of your location to emergency services.

Read up on 4WD forums and reach out to other enthusiasts with questions. You will find there are many people out there that will offer advice. Even searching for 4wd equipment near me and try and connect with local stores or groups that you can further educate yourself and you can learn more.

3. Prepare For Success

A first-time trip when out in your 4WD is built on good plans. Make sure you load up on all the essentials you need in a tricky or compromising situation. You need to consider things like wet weather and unstable terrain as these may cause some unplanned surprises along the way.

Essential items you must consider taking on your trip include:

A shovel
Tyre recovery kit
Snatch straps
UHF Radio
Recovery tracks
First aid kit
Car starter kit

4. Learn To Adjust Your Tyre Pressure

Adjusting your tyre pressure when out on the 4wd tracks will improve your vehicle's performance, prevent track damage, give your tyres more life and make your journey more comfortable.  A good tyre pressure keeps the suspension working well and allows you to roll over obstacles easier. It additionally adds more grip to the track and sadly this is one of the most common mistakes first-time 4wd enthusiasts fail to remember. A specialist in 4wd equipment nearby can help you understand and show you the best way to inflate and deflate your tyres.

5. Become Familiar With The Terrain You Are Planning On Driving On.

4x4 Off-road tracks consist of a whole range of different terrains. These consist of rocky, slippery, sandy & muddy surfaces. As a newcomer, it is recommended you upskill your driving knowledge and learn as much as you can about where you are intending on travelling to. Bars & Racks can assist you and ensure that you have all the 4WD equipment and additionally if looking for towing accessories Sydney, Bars & Racks can assist in making sure you are fully equipped with a set of recovery tracks and UHF radio which is essential for off road driving.

6. Slow & Steady Wins The Race

Never take off at full speed, also if there is any experienced off road driver, it’s recommended you keep a steady pace especially when your vehicle is fully laden with cargo and people. If you drive too fast, your vehicle will bounce, making ground clearance an issue. You should also ensure that you do not accelerate or brake abruptly. A good driving pace helps you to maintain the speed specially when the terrain is rough and uneven. Also, consider slower speed means better grip on the track and you can additionally take in more of the surroundings around you.

7. Check Along The Way For Water

During your travels, you may be lucky enough to come across water holes, creeks, or even a freshwater stream. Never ever drive through water unless you have walked through it first to check for the depth of the water. While a water hole may look fine you can’t see what's underneath the surface level and the ground may fall deep and you disk damaging the undercarriage of your vehicle and worse still getting stuck. Even the most experienced drivers will tell you this is how mistakes and damage to the vehicle can happen. Remember too if you are driving in rough terrain and going in dips if you have had a towbar Sydney install you need to consider the vehicle will catch the end of the towbar as you drive along the lowest point.

8. What To Do If You Get Stuck In Water

If you notice you are getting sunk down in the water do not panic. Firstly, if you drive an automatic vehicle switch it across to manual mode and make sure you stay in gear at all times to avoid losing traction. If the vehicle is manual then put it into first or second gear and don't stop, keep driving. This will stop mud and water getting into the clutch.  Instead, reach for your snatch straps and or tow straps and hook them on to the opposite side of the track from which you want to pull your 4WD out. You will require a fair bit of distance between each hook up to ensure that your vehicle is not going to become tangled when you pull. If this is not successful you will need to call for assistance.

9. Never Venture Out Alone If You Are Not Fully Familiar

We all think we know what is best to do when we have a 4WD and are ready to go offroad, but even the most experienced traveller will tell you anything can happen. It is always recommended you take someone else with you in case you get into difficulty. Any experienced 4WD enthusiast will also advise you to go with someone. If you are unsure if you have everything you need you could always look up 4WD equipment near me and your local Bars N Racks store will appear, and we invite you to come in and chat. We welcome all new 4WD lovers and will answer any questions you may have. If you get into any kind of difficulty, then you have someone to help pull you out of a tricky situation.

Finally, as a novice websites for towing accessories and 4wd drive equipment are good resources but we recommend you speak to someone in person should you need assistance in getting a second opinion on what you need for your next trip. Contact a 4WD club even to visit, enjoy a meeting and even book some lessons out on the tracks to get the feel for your vehicle so then you are a little more prepared for your next adventure.

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