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8 of Australia's Best Mountain Bike Trails

8 of Australia's Best Mountain Bike Trails

Have you got your bike rack and roof rack at the ready? Did you opt for bike storage features as part of your last vehicle fit-out project? Well, it's time to check out some of Australia's best mountain bike trails.

Just remember to take care out on the trails! Try not to ride alone, and always take enough food, water, and emergency equipment when you go and enjoy what Australia has to offer.

The Alpine Epic, Victoria

Victoria's Alpine Epic is an incredible 40km trail that drops down from the summit of Mount Butler into some jaw-dropping countryside.

The Margaret River Trails, Western Australia

The Margaret River, just to the south of Cowmarup, WA, offers a number of trail options in a charming location.

Burramoko, New South Wales

Hanging Rock, in the Blue Mountains National Park, is one of Australia's natural highlights. You'll witness this and much more on the Burramoko Ridge Trail.

Hollybank Mountain Bike Park, Tasmania

Hollybank Mountain Bike Park in Underwood, TAS, is a must-visit for any mountain bike enthusiast in Tasmania, with plenty of trails and biking areas to get your teeth into.

Mount Remarkable, South Australia

South Australia's Mount Remarkable is home to a number of MTB trails, many of which are family-friendly. The mountain certainly lives up to its name.

Stromlo Forest Park, ACT

You don't need to leave ACT to find excellent biking trails — just head to the Stromlo Forest Park for great fun on two wheels.

Smithfield Mountain Bike Park, Queensland

Smithfield is located around half an hour north of Cairns. Here you'll find trails for all ability levels, taking in some of the best bits of the Queensland countryside.

Mount Laika and Adelaide River, Northern Territory

The Mount Laika and Adelaide River route is a bit more on the wild side than other entries on this list, and you may not have phone reception at points. For experienced and careful riders, this trail can be a rewarding experience on good surfaces.

Get Kitted Out for Your Next Trip

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