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5 Mistakes To Avoid When Customising Your 4WD

5 Mistakes To Avoid When Customising Your 4WD

It doesn’t matter if you are fully experienced or a first-time beginner, everyone makes mistakes at times and we just have to learn from them. So below are 5 very common 4×4 modifying mistakes that are often seen and how we can avoid them.

1. Choosing looks over practicality

We all have that idea of how we want our vehicles to look, we want them to look so much better than they do at factory standard, however we need to consider, are we improving the overall performance of the vehicle? Making the choice of things like a nudge bar rather than a bull bar as it looks better and doesn’t cover your bonnet, or looks so much better is a common mistake. These two options provide totally different levels of protection and that’s why looks can’t become the deciding factor, rather practicality and the main reason you need to add one, safety in the event of an accident when off road.

2. Making the fatal error of forgetting the laws and guidelines.

Some modifications may be common, however that does not mean they are legal. All states have different rules, and those rules can be quite significant in their changes, so if you are not mindful or careful then you may end up with a warning. One example of this is driving lights. In NSW and Victoria, the rules are different. If you are not careful when travelling interstate, then you may very well end up with a warning so it is always best to check the state guidelines if you know you will be travelling to different states to ensure your 4WD vehicle fit out are compliant and that will save you risking fines.

3. Ignoring professional advice.

Let’s face facts, you have a look intended when your 4×4 vehicle customisation is about to begin and it’s very easy to obtain resources to assist you in your DIY designs, however it doesn’t cost anything or hurt anyone to get the advice from a professional like us at Bars N Racks. We have experienced fitters who can offer you advice and even give you a quote to modify the vehicle. Just remember if there is something you want to do to the 4×4 that is not going to be compliant we will advise against it and not put safety at risk just to get "the look".

If you have questions about your next planned upgrade, you should turn to someone who has years of experience and knowledge in fitting out vehicles. The pros can help you in making the right choices and avoid and save you spending up big on items you don’t need.

4. Ignoring Weight Restrictions.

Ok so you have decided on that “Mean” look you so badly want for your 4×4, however, every 4WD on the road has a maximum weight restriction. If you add everything you have on your wish list you may in fact, be overloading your vehicle and risk damaging it. Every single modification you make will eventually lead to adding more and more weight onto the vehicle and this in turn adds pressure in the vehicles structure making it very heavy before you start adding passengers and items like luggage. When making modifications you need to ensure you count every kilo when modifying and keep within the restrictions as this is essential. If you are new to the world of 4×4 we suggest getting advice or having your questions answered by a professional. Our team at Bars N Racks have many years’ experience in fitting out vehicles and are always available to offer advice.

The worst thing that can happen is that you can reach a cut off point for weight and this will in turn cause you to run out of storage space within the vehicle.

5. Being caught in purchasing items cheap to save money.

There are so many 4WD accessories in Sydney with attractive pricing online, however, do you know what you are purchasing? The answer sadly is no, especially if it is not a common brand that is available on the market. You need to remember if you purchase 4WD gear online in Sydney you should try and stick to the quality. For one, you know that you are getting a reliable product and secondly, you are getting a reliable product that you know will be safe and reliable.

We have competitive prices here at Bars N Racks and are happy to put together a quote for you. No one wants to reach the weight limit and then regret the time and money spent on making the modifications only to find out you have limited yourself with weight to carry passengers or luggage. A

Come on in and have a chat to us today, we love building vehicles for our customers and take pride in our work. We have experienced fitters on hand to make sure the changes you want can be done and in a compliant way while ensuring you can still have a weight allowance to take the family or mates out on adventures.

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