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4WD Gear - Get the Right Fitting for Your Outdoor Needs

4WD Gear - Get the Right Fitting for Your Outdoor Needs

It’s the peak season for 4WD gear, and you’re stoked. So, you’ve hit the internet, searching for just the right accessories to help you get the most out of every ride.

‘Is this accessory the right one for my 4WD’?
‘Do I have the expertise and time to fit it onto my vehicle’?
‘Will it perform as well as the ad promised’?

Consult an Expert 4WD Mechanic for Personalised Fitting Advice

Instead of just buying the first shiny new toy you see, get in touch with an experienced 4WD specialist. If you live in Northern Sydney, our team of mechanics at “Bars N Racks” can help you choose accessories that will give you optimum performance and the ultimate in safety.

Choose the Proper Fittings

Take, for example, a towing package. Not only must you choose the exact hitch setup that suits your vehicle and the terrain you’ll be travelling in, but you also need to consider several other factors, such as:

Stay Compliant with the Law

And, of course, there are the legal requirements. Our trained mechanics know the statutes that regulate 4WD off-road vehicles, so you can rest assured that your fittings will be fully compliant with the law.

Your local car mechanic probably won’t have that knowledge – and unless you have specialised training in fitting gear onto 4WD vehicles, you probably don’t, either.

Consider How Equipment Will Affect Other 4WD Parts

And, certain accessories can even affect the function of other parts of your vehicle. Picking a part out of a catalogue without consulting a local mechanic is never a good idea, even if it seems like a bargain at the time.

Use Custom Fittings to Maximise Your Vehicle’s Value

Fitout companies that push you into buying only the accessories they have on stock don’t have your best interests in mind. Instead, choose a provider with the experience and knowledge that can help you find the exact accessories that will suit your unique needs.

At Bars N Racks, we have an expertly trained team that will work with you to find and fit all the accessories that meet your needs. We’ll take the time to ask questions, listen to your answers, and find the perfect fittings for your needs.

And, before we send you home, we’ll make sure that everything’s working as it should. With years of experience and leading-edge technology, we’re the first choice of serious 4WD enthusiasts all over greater Sydney. To learn more about how we can help you get the most out of your vehicle, call or email us today!

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