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Ready to Get Moving On- or Off-Road? Check Out Our 4WD Gear Checklist

Ready to Get Moving On- or Off-Road? Check Out Our 4WD Gear Checklist

Are you getting ready for your next adventure on the road or off it? Take a look at our handy checklist and make sure you're fully stocked with all the 4WD gear you need for the trip.

Safety Gear

Safety is always paramount when you're heading out in your 4WD. Be sure to check and double-check all of the safety equipment before you start your journey and keep supplies well-stocked. Please note the following list is intended only as a guide and may not be definitive. Stay safe out there!

Clothing and blankets
Personal items – such as tissue paper, antibacterial and disinfectant products, medications, and personal care items
Navigation and communication equipment – including digital devices and chargers, as well as physical maps and a compass
Fully stocked first aid kit
Fire extinguisher
Lighters, firelighter blocks and matches
Utility knife
Spare essentials – including spare key, spare tyres, and spare components such as fan belts, gaskets and bolts
Winches, caravan towing solutions, or other recovery equipment
Fully stocked toolbox for your vehicle

Storage Gear

The right 4WD gear can really maximise your storage options, adding serious capacity to your already impressive vehicle.

Bike carriers and racks for anything you won't be able to carry within the vehicle
Roof racks to provide additional storage capacity on the roof
Straps and fasteners to keep all stored items secured during your journey
Trailers and towbars for any larger equipment that you will need to tow

Off-Roading Gear

It's always nice to have the option to go off-roading, should the opportunity arise.

4WD snorkel for maintaining air flow to your engine, no matter the conditions
Bull bars to protect the front end of your vehicle
Heavy-duty spotlights to provide additional visibility, whether you are driving or camping for the night

Find the 4WD Gear You Need at Bars N Racks

Looking for the perfect 4WD gear for your next trip? Check out our range of products at Bars N Racks and find what you need.

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