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On the Road? Get Your Tradesman Fitouts Now

On the Road? Get Your Tradesman Fitouts Now

It’s never been a better time to update your tradesman fitouts. With the construction industry projected to grow at a whopping 8% between 2022 and 2027, you want to maximise your efficiency and take advantage of that forecast.

If you’ve ever wasted time looking for a piece of equipment – and found it at the bottom of a pile of tools – you know the value of a well-organised work van. With custom tradesman fitouts from Bars N Racks, you can have everything you need at hand, right where it belongs.

Start planning your ideal fitout configuration with these tips:

Start with Your Vision

Only you know what equipment you’ll need to haul to your worksite and how you want to organise it. Before you head out to our Brookvale location, list what items you need easy access to and what you need to take along to each job.
Drawing out a rough sketch of what you’d like your storage solution to look like will go a long way towards turning your vision into reality. Once you have your overall plan in place, our commercial vehicle fitout specialists can help you tweak your design to make your mobile storage solution even more efficient.

With our Rak-a-Van system, you can maximise your storage, keep track of your inventory, and adjust it as needed to fit more equipment inside your vehicle. It works with both vans and other work vehicles, maximising your storage capacity and providing easy access to your gear. So, don’t hold back on your ‘I want’ list.

You might also want to consider adding some extra lighting to your vehicle’s fitout so that you can safely load and unload equipment, especially if you start work early in the morning or stay on the job long after sundown.

Plan for external storage as well. Roof racks and tie-downs can give you extra space to stash your tools and equipment.

Book Your Appointment with Our Team

After you’ve sketched out what you’d like to have in a storage system, book an appointment online with our skilled fitout experts. During your appointment, one of our fitout professionals will go over your design, taking weight distribution and free space into consideration to ensure your fitout is safe and allows you to easily access what you need.

Our team will review your needs and suggest any changes that could make your workspace even more efficient. Then, we’ll transform your work vehicle into the tradie fitout of your dreams. To get started, contact the Bars N Racks team today.

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